Wow!!! I'm in love with all the new updates to Blkem 🔥 🔥

Discover doesn't mean "you're the 1st person to see this or that so it's yours." Wyte ppl so stoopid and have low IQ

DID YOU KNOW: In the early colonies, such as Virginia, "the pre-existing ownership rights of the Native Americans, the current occupants, were dismissed. At various times the English stated simply that they owned the land through "right of discovery" and "right of conquest." Treaties were negotiated with different tribes in the 1600's and 1700's to extinguish Native American claims, but land was seized rather than purchased from the original inhabitants.

I tried sleeping on my right side and felt bad. Then I switched to my left side and felt relief throughout the night.. ??

Jeepers Creepers ain't nothing but a big cicada ??

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Don't focus your time and energy on things of no importance. You're here for a purpose, stick to your course.

Facts.. I know firsthand

One of the most Powerful things you can do each day is make a Decision. # Those who lack the Power to Decide will have their choice made for them.

"He ??who finds a Wife?? will obtain favor from God"
?Men stop playing games and find yourself a Queen ? so both of you all can obtain some favor from God. Walk with a purpose while you're here on earth ? ?????????

I'll delete hatred, jealousy, unfairness, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, laziness, and color (Everyone will be viewed as a human first before seeing a color)

this is a safe space. tell us why its yt ppl on the low?

If you dont have a Robin Hood mentality you are only Robbing your Hood. # Hunters and Gatherers operate outside the village with Intention of Enriching the village upon their Return. (Big on the Return you must Return back to the village.)

In My Opinion : There's a struggle between the Spiritual love and Human made Love. Human made love have to meet certain requirements and criterias such as looks, stability, financial support, materialistic things. The Spiritual love is created by God which doesn't go by looks, money, or material things so it's a struggle between God made love (spiritual) & human made love..

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There’s, NO WAY you can be anything to anyone else UNTIL, You’re everything to yourself.

I love how people act like every piece of land on earth didn't come from Africa.. Every piece of dirt on this Earth is African Soil.

Wearing a Du-rag outside is the same as wearing a Bonnet outside ?????

Yep, I knew it.. It still shows today that Yt ppl don't wash their asses or clean their houses. They always had our ancestors to clean up for them because they simply don't know how from living in the mountains. They're very barbaric and uncivilized

Grand Rising Queen??.. This is what Brother Malcom X was saying the whole time. Let's stop all this million man marching, yelling, hooping & hollering and take the United States to World Court for humanity rights against us. ??

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Instead of pointing the finger at someone who is doing wrong...

Fold your hands, close your eyes and pray for their deliverance! You have a job to do and it’s not to gossip about someone else! #Goodmorning

Africa is the biggest continent on earth. You can put these countries inside of Africa and still have room left. Africa is the Heart and Soul of Earth