Austin Evans-Wigfield


POSITIVITY, Multi-instrumentalist, composer, visual artist, acrobat, professional fingerboarder, college graduate, university student, 25 ?

Anyone on here making music? Please share!!! Here's mine.

I wanted to show the very white music community in my town that I can do everything they can do with a guitar, and more. I'm self-taught and do my own recording, writing and performing.

we watched The Dig in archeology club and I honestly hated it so much... I didn't like any of the characters and the main romance sub-plot was stupid and unrealistic, but it seems like the rest of the club liked it. Some said they loved it and I'm like, "ok... but how?"
I'm guessing there's a part of them that romances old British culture, but honestly I found most of the human interactions in the movie uncomfortable and at times gross.
canadian soareeeeeeeee

the next time you're thinking about doing some stupid shit, think about how your actions might affect the perception of the community you're associated with. thank you.

pain is necessary, its unavoidable, but the way you frame that pain in your mind and pick your battles reflects your level of discipline.

dont encourage people to question your moral integrity. uphold your standards, respect yourself and others. maintain tactful boundaries. lacking class aint cute.

It's my birthday anniversary, guys. Please say a prayer, if this crosses your TL.

jfc i just finished watching Behind Her Eyes on Netflix and you WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT IS BEHIND HER EYES.
there are some big big problems with the ideas they attach to a certain social group in the ending (not african folks), but i wont spoil it for you.
the ending will still ruin your day.

dont dwell on what you cant change. focus on what you can and improve from there.

I been thriugh shit I never deserved to even be in the middle of and was left to pick up the pieces by myself. Don't ask me why I come with different energy now.

The way pepsi got a HOLD on me ... Jesus release me from this bondage ... Aint nothin like a Ice cold Pepsi

communication. compassion. trust. understanding. boundaries.

a romantic relationship is an ornament to decorate a successful, thriving life. not a destination goal.
if i start a relationship, it has to mutually support both people's current lives. im not starved for attention or intimacy and my partner can not be either.

not tryna take responsibility for anyones life but my own. ive got enough on my plate already.

Black musicians can do anything

Larnell Lewis Hears "Enter Sandman" For The First Time - YouTube

Larnell's "I'll Take More Volu..

i dont let people tell me what i can and cant, or should and shouldnt do. i do as i please and trust in my abilities and hard work to get me there. my happiness is my responsibility to nuture and protect.

move forward with good intentions for yourself and others. rely on yourself. set proper boundaries. sort out your priorities. set achievable goals. recognize your success and dont undermine yourself. leave no space for hatred or negativity. be mindful.

today my job had a training for a new 911 response that sends out a professional crisis worker instead of police for mental heath crisis situations?

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archeology prof had to go and show us pictures of ancient dead bodies in the latest lecture ???

Not sure if this was already posted.
This is a new space for collective learning.

I know I've enjoyed their content on YouTube and now they have their own space.

My anthropology professor pulls no punches when highlighting the attrocities committed by Europeans throughout history. Here in Canada, the conversation about the treatment of the aboriginal population is ongoing. Learning about the history and the absolute disregard for human life is disgusting.
that being said, im grateful to have a professor who isnt afraid to speak about the history and issues honestly

I'm not here to fan the flames of hatred, or create further division between us as human beings. I'm here to highlight success, spread positivity and motivate others to pursue what brings them joy.