We the best #Period

Black women are so ethereal, especially Darkskin Black women, have you SEEN their skin in sunlight?? whew??

What is love... like seriously. I have no desire to seek it either ?????

Me to myself: Live your life for yourself and stop feelin bad about it. You can't carry everybody with you.

This is literally my biggest conflict right now. Was just telling myself this.

Torn between ima save up to live a better life? to fuck that I deserve to be spoiled rn?

My dog has been SO obsessed with me lately. She has NEVER been this close to me since she was little! I'm just enjoying this while it last ???

One day i'll be brave enough to talk about my expereience/battle with body dysmorphia.

Ummm I need to be more like you ?

I have my 1 hr to myself in the morning where I listen to the birds, talk with God, and prep myself to have some positive thoughts throughout the day?? its soothing to wake up with a calm and mellow spirit and it sets a positive tone for my day

I told the doctor at my job this and he 100% agreed with me ? life is harder for me because of it

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The fact I had to deal with a slick mouth white bitch just literally reminded me why I don't deal with these motherfuckers when I don't have to because Lord knows they be SO quick to try you

Just got into it with a colonizer. She was trying to say that this car accident was nobodies fault and we both backed into each other... mind you, my car is ALL The way in the street and you just pulling out so who hit who dumb white bitch ??

I have a trip to LA coming up in May & part of me is apprehensive because my anxiety during trips is ALWAYS high but the good thing is it only will be for a few days

The book I finally am dusting off from the bookshelf and reading ??

I started a new book that I've had for years & years! The difference is this book is fiction whereas I'm usually reading non-fiction books about life or relationships so I'm excited to give my mind a break for a while ?

Be yourself! You not goin be able to please everyone and errybody aint goin like you. One thing fasho please yourself?

I eat out WAY too much. It's lack of time from work but I also do not like to eat leftovers so I refuse to pack a lunch. What foods taste good the next day when you heat it up and is filling? ?

As long as you right your wrongs there is nothing else you can do but let go and live your life. it's not up to you to decide how the rest plays out.

if only we knew how short life is… Go live that shit the fuck up!! ???

over these 23 years of me living , ive finally decided that it was time to APPLY THIS PRESSURE. i can write my goals , load my calender up ,etc... But it would just be a visual representation of all the things i never got a chance to accomplish ... so this year , its less wroting and more doing ??

I want to start getting back into church but it all felt so fake sometimes...

Your cares, concerns, stressors, bills, praise, worship...

Love this. Living by this.

pain is necessary, its unavoidable, but the way you frame that pain in your mind and pick your battles reflects your level of discipline.

that Meghan Markel interview was… Just watch my Instagram story I was going OFF ??????

it's sad at this point how bad I hate having to work for the white man LOL I'm just so exhausted and I swear the work never amounts to the pay ??????

crazy thing is I actually have friends who want to and I'm the problem because I'm such an over thinker in over preparer ??

i need friends who like to travel ?