Call Me..


I am free ♡. I am peace ♡.

It be the kisses everywhere else that really get me hot. Them forehead kisses make me feel cherished and respected. Id have all yo babies you hit me with one of those at the right time 🤣

Imagine a man kissing your cheeks first instead of automatically assuming he has rights to your lips>>>>>>

That girl Cleo always take me to another high… like elevated

My playlist be going from oldies to spirit uplifting to ratchet all within miniutes … but the beats be blending …. master mix

Ive done this plether of times... robe and all... this is the thing. I am less than 4 feet from my bed , and you want me to get FULLY clothed , lock that last button up to the neck, annnnd do my hair... deal with my disobient edges for a 30 minute session on the same files you emailed me annnnd you reading them verbadem !!!? Crazy.

Almost appeared to this virtual court in my bonnet🙂

Facts !

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These folks done let up now everybody finna be walking around with glocks and pocket rockets... laaaawd. This is a mess. If this not the ghetto... all cause you tryna get some more votes. This was not the way sir !

Cause if you’re not praying for me regularly then what are we doing?

My book just came in from next month reading ... its giving blacknesss... black culture, black author, black chataters #blackhistorymonthneverends

Fighting these battles withought God is impossible ... a whole wrench out here still getting loved. Everyday I'm grateful !

Truthfully I be having lots to say. But instead I cus people out in my head ... but why should I suffer with this mentally... My internal system is scream "no justice no peace" !

Yall ever hit one of them burp-moans... My mama used to do them all the time and I'd be so bothered but now I understand why she would moan afterwards.

Been thinking bout my lunch since I got in ... I'm tryna see if I want a pickle or chips with my wrap, likeee which one gon slap the most ?

Okkkk. I woke up feeling goodT! It's Easter week and I get paid on Good Friday. Let's geeeetdeeeeeh !

Todays been beautiful so far✨

Finna hit one of these riiiiniiiih... what a day , what a mf day yall

Hot showers in the dark 🚿🧖‍♀️

🤣Cause like, how ?! You can shot everybody, chase and arrest not a thing nomore cause yall don got too big to run around ... that whole say " you can't outrun the law" is no longer valid ... and because of that yall just shooting folks now.

Every time I see an out of shape cop I shake my head

This was me today. Fighting myself to spare the live and self confidence of a customer. God snatched my tongue with the quickness cause I was locked and loaded !

When somebody be tryna tell the story LIKE THEY WAS THERE ... like HOLD UP baby... you was not thereeee ... let's run this all the way back !

The way black people turn on and off they "proffessionalism" is truly a gift.

Mobile app update:

We have relaunched and uploaded the Blkem's Android Mobile App to the Play Store. It's currently in review.

This is in BETA MODE, so some noticeable issues may arise when using the app. This Beta is updated and better than the previous one. Some functions will also be missing such as link fetch, video fetch, video upload etc.. but we will be adding those shortly.

Once approved, we will post the link to the app.

iOS app upload will take place tomorrow as we have a few more steps to take.

Thank you for your patience.

#blkem #B1

Naaah real question sis. Like even when I say what I want I somehow get the opposite.. or ion get that shxt at all... Sooo it's like are you listening to ?! Once I start having to question the relationship/bond/connection, you loosing me , I'm one foot out the door already and never once has anyone been able to catch me at the door.

Sometimes I can come across as being a bit indirect, but men be acting extra clueless for no reason 😒

That looks delis

Veggies in my fridge thrown together to go with leftover rice lol

I ain't been feelin my self lately... I gotta put more effort in... my go-to are leggings and it's very much giving sloopy at this point

So long as Black men continue showing up for Black women in a time of need bc that is your duty, y’all will always be One of Gods favorites ✨✨

Honestly, I like a man that's straight forward and direct. Let me know your intentions and thoughts from the jump. I dont need to be confused on where we stand or how you feeling about me..

What do Men talk about too soon that will make a woman fall back??

Soooooooooo you mean to tell me this been here ?

I've been on here since last September and I am only now discovering there is a dark theme???? played myself