C.R. S.H.


20?????| Somewhere minding my business & eating fruit?

?I claim financial freedom, success, breaking generational curses, and a fatter ass?

How you want somebody with personality while you have none????

OOOUU THISSS???? and I haven't been on here in a while and this is the first post I see?? YESSS MA'AM ????????

Catcalling aint it. Stop being ok with making Black women feel uncomfortable around her own men...no woman OWES you a conversation or her time...

I gotta find another planet to settle on. Earth just gets weirder & weirder each day?

I feel like I'm unlocking a new level in my life as if I'm getting closer and closer to my vision


Get fly
Go on dates
Then go home and slut each other out ???

lmfaooo?? fr can't tell us nun.


The most enticing experience to me ??

Ahhh so its a taurus thing loll

lmfaoo?. It's still really sleek and niiiiicee?. I had to switch from the app to browser tho cause the rt wasn't working for me. But idc I'm still grateful!! Take yall time?

In response C.R. S.H. to her Publication

How in the hell...LOL...there's still some issues we are working on right now. Thank you!!!

Ayyyooooo I’m on the app on iOS and it look and feel so smoooothhhhh ???

Fr still do this ?? and everybody thinks I'm weird but I just wasn't ever comfortable with taking meds to numb the pain

Been thuggin my period cramps for a yr now. No meds no nothing?? mind over matter. The pain became less intense once i focused on my breathing

I cant do bad breathe & body odor cause i'm too affectionate & clingy

I just took an Attachment quiz and the fact that I knew which type I am and took the quiz and got my exact attachment....?? the whole purpose of me doin this really had me like okayyy??? Ik the answer but do you provide solutions since I made it this far??

Oooouu you are stunninnnggg

Divine B3auty you wete meant to be , shinning so gracefully ??Reclaim your Throne????

Dear God I pray for Your protection over all Black (Afrikan) people. I pray that you send your angels down to surround your Black (Afrikan) children & protect us against the attacks being sent to destroy us.God I pray that you use your strong & mighty powers to destroy all negative forces sent to attack us and to return these spiritual/negative attacks to its senders so they can live in it for eternity.God have favor on the righteous and the ones seeking to do good and live by You. Forgive us our sins and have mercy on us. But destroy the ones seeking to do us harm. In Gods name I pray, Amen!

Oop. Yesss love the energy!

Na i let him stay but i gave him a nice little shoutout?? he ended up unfollowing. God dont like ugly

Would've been b l o c k e d ?

Interesting how i posted that video of the cops on my ig stories and now a cop followed me and liked my pictures? #interesting

Settling for less is a joke. Always strive and obtain for somethin better.

they still dont care about our Black asses. keep applying pressure

You are giving very much Goddess. I wanna go to a flower field?

flower child, beautiful child.