? JiJi Robinson ?


21 | A little bit dramatic ?

these bland ass fries from mcdonalds had me sacred that i was losing my taste ?

ngl people who alway wanna be tyrnt up get on my nerves ? like why cant we just be calm and quiet for a little bit ?

noo cause when the shelter in place started last year that was the only water in the store ? i think i still have the vid ??

whoever made dasani water goin straight to hell they know they so wrong for that ?

almost every morning theres an accident that makes me late to work ? maybe some of yall shouldnt be driving at 6am anymore

i cant wait for this to be an app lol that will be the day i leave twitter

and the light colored carpet so you gotta take your shoes off ?

This grandma house with the plastic on the couch

50k ?for a verse no ?album ?out


9/10 im on yo page going through yo followers so i can follow 'em too.

for the most part ? its a few outliers

GLAD to see everyone following each other!

twitter might not ever see me again. something about this is giving me ?peace?

i was like the only one without my brown check... i was nervous yall ?

paper plates ??

Aye this the mf cookout and Im on the grill ashy with the Jesus walks sandals on ?? what yall bringing?