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To all I want to apologize for not being on the platform as often. Sometimes thing in life take a toll on you. I wish the best for my people and their mental health.


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You can't fight white supremacy with the same old narrative. ?
You fight with substance. ?
We are substantially deficient, the reason why we really cannot make grand moves, to at least have a fighting chance.?

In more recent news, Tusla Massacure survior is suing the city of Tusla. Asking they grant her and every living descendant of the victims brutally murdered reparations. .

Just food for thoughts, should ADOS sue African countries for reparations being that Africans were amongst those that sold them?

Link to the original story here: https://www.becauseofthemw...

If you find yourself in a slump today! It's okay things will get better. Bless up ??

More than 200,000 African Americans flee Chicago in the past decade. What do you think the reasoning is?

Click the link below to read this man's story:

In recent news, Govenor Abott of Texas is blasting a teacher for giving students an assignment where they compared George Floyd's death to the U.S. past history.

Gov. Abott tweeted:

Texas public school comparing police officers to the KKK is beyond unacceptable.

It’s the opposite of what must be taught.

The teacher should be fired.

I’m asking the Texas Education Agency to investigate and take action.

What's your thoughts Blkem family?

Again, White media is silent on the 1,000 African migrants left afloat at sea in Greece.

Akon tells ADOS to go build in Africa. Meanwhile Africans are fleeing their home countries to escape what?

Click the link to read more:

Akon stated that Black Americans need to move past slavery and need to return home where we are no longer the minority. My question is where is home for us ADOS? What country are we to return to? Do we have family waiting for us with open arms? I feel that it is difficult for ADOS to allow our African brothers and sisters to speak on the Black American experience.

What do you guys think? Should us ADOS move pass slavery? Click the link for a snippet of the Vlad (Jewish interviewer)

While many American people are on the verge of losing unemployment, housing, and jobs the United States government just gave Israel 199 million dollars a day. Meanwhile, we are still waiting on reparations.

Click the link for more details:

Convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell are accused of telling Virginia Giuffre "if the girls weren't white they had to be exotically beautiful"

Looks like we dodged a bullet on pedo island.

Click the link to read more of the details.

"I have witnessed countless anti-Black sentiments, expressions, attitudes, and practices from close relatives and community... looking down on marrying African-Americans, addressing and treating African-Americans and their communities by negative racialized stereotypes (i.e. lazy, not hardworking, criminals) and our perpetual disassociation with the African-American community in order to distinctly identify ourselves as African immigrants and not “Black/African-American."

Ain't this the truth @blkem thanks for combating white supremacy and giving us a safe space.

Black police officer in Portland criticized the #blacklivesmatter , arguing that it is not focused on making life better for black people but rather about white people telling black people what to do.

Check out the link:

The DEVIL is showing his HORNS 2020. I hope you guys are prepared for this spiritual warfare ??

What do you guys think of Grand Master Jam and the new movement. He seems to be an agent from what I've seen.

Have you guys hear about the #wayfairscandal apparently they are being investigated for selling $10,000+ cabinets on their website. Weird thing is that they named the cabinets after missing children. They have since deleted the cabinets and throw pillows. #protectblackchildren we know every year nany black children go missing now we know its bigger than #Pizzagate

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