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Then they wonder why blacks are reluctant to get a vaccine shot, all I know is everything that is bad in America we are always getting the worse treatment. I still don't trust they are telling us everything so I am not taking it. One thing for sure you still can get Covid-19 even if you been vaccinated. It's a shame that we live in a country that has little concern for the people that built it.

Clearly, if Black people were the owners, this would be different and we would not have to be FORCED, to do anything.

For decades, white people have had movies with FULL white cast and they STILL do. An all Black cast threatens them as there are strength in numbers. It shows that unity and inspirational factor.

They own it..soo..they control the narrative!


well it's those blacks who still believes that anything black is bad, defective, or wrong.

Yes, he is. Sad. But he is wrong about meritorioud Manumission. It was ONLY granted to a slave who saved a white man's life.

There were other rewards for turning in the brave Black men who were planning a rebellion ... sometimes (when I look at our men today) I think all the brave Black men were killed and all that was left to procreate were the cowards and Sambos.

Well, maybe the majority, but certainly not all.

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hes just securing his OWN bag 🥸🦝🐀

anyone know of any black owned jewelry stores online? lmk

remember when they said black peoples couldn't get covid

Replied to Houleye ...'s Post worries at all..As we tell people, we're not saying to just drop and leave your connections behind but at least, give us and other Black Owned platforms that same energy, the one's that's FOR, the Black community.

Many people (not just Black people) are aginst taking the COVID vaccine bc they were all created in 7-9 months. Some of were alive and remember that it took 40 years to develop an AIDS vaccine ... this is the normal timeline.
Another reason is that this CVID vaccine attaches a message onto our body's RNA (it's full name is messenger RNA). It's job in the human body is to take directions to our DNA. Our DNA contains all the information necessary to make a human being.

This vaccine is attempting to change the human DNA without any long-term testing. THIS IS DANGEROUS for obvious reasons.

what happened. i did not understand why there are ppl against the vacine???

skinny black girls need to be appreciated more. our petite bodies can be both cute and sexy, depending on what energy we're giving off, and our silhouettes are beautiful. dont let men make you feel like you're less of a woman or not as beautiful bc you might not have the same curves as meghan thee stallion or india royale or mulatto. bodies like jhene aiko, karreuche, zendaya, flo milli etc are also drop dead gorgeous and we should be proud of the way we were built. you dont need a big ass, big hips, and big titties to be beautiful. you're beautiful anyway❤️

Hello! I'm a young, self-taught black digital artist. I don't have any new pieces finished yet, but I'll start posting some here. My Twitter is:@ThatOnePieceOfTrash if you want to see some w.i.p stuff I'm working on. :)


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The good thing is, they don't have to put that on their advertisement. Users would be able to research that information, plus word of mouth and transfer of messages.

The way things are changing, if a Black person establishes a company, that news would make headlines.

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Nope, "black owned" ain't even really a thing out here. I'm not even sure companies are allowned to put that information forward in their advertisement

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@1619 mentioned Figgers Wireless, a Black Owned Company. Check them out if your current bill is too expensive. There's no shame in that. You'll be on a different level in the near future. Another positive element, you're supporting a Black Owned company.

Replied to Houleye ...'s Post a new provider is one solution. There it is. Thank you! We'd say from what we seen on the timeline, Figgers Wireless (Black Owned) is a solution for those in the U.S. Is there Black Owned options in France?

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