let me know when it’s melanin, sunshine & rainbows again. 🚶🏾‍♀️

In response Shawn Kaiser 🇬🇾 to his Publication

🥰🌞Soaking in that sun, gotta activate the melanin

In response Khalifah Akilah to her Publication

ANNNNNDDDDD!! I SAID it's ok melaninBae you ain't got to explain nothing

It's ok melaninBae you ain't gotta explain nothing the queen needs not explain to the villagers

LMAOO..I was out getting my KANG @StryifeTheVillain dinner. Perhaps if you'd put down the booze you'd know how to keep him--but here we are

oh, the melanin is melanin’n!

Can’t have photographer in my bio and not share my work.

In response Kris Don’Care to her Publication

It been started a month ago😌 the people on here just getting antsy because of all that melanin

Your Wisdom n Kindness Your Realness n Relatability You get me in ways no1 else can Your Eyes n Lips n Thighs n Hips You all that and a bag of chips Black Woman You the Shit You a sight for sore eyes and food 4 the soul. Your value, like Your Melanin, exceeds the worth of gold.

Dear Black Women,
You are Beautiful
You are a Masterpiece
You are a Black Queen
You are Powerful and Resilient
We Love You 🤎

I've dated white when younger because that's what was mostly around. I wasn't black enough for the black women at the time. I've been with Puerto Rican, Filipina, Mexican, black, you name it. I just prefer melanin. It's my subconscious preference. The blacker the berry 😌🤷🏽‍♂️

Cousins, y’all ever date outside our community? if yes, would you do it again? if not, why not? genuinely curious.

Nothing but melanin in all shades here it’s just so comfortable

love it, go cousin! my cousins are some beautiful, intelligent and positive melanin kings and queens. #blkem

had another grade posted today and still maintaining that 4.0

Yesss, I wanna see tweets, videos, pics all of it, I want my timeline full of melanin

y’all the way we gon do one of the outsiders when they try to infiltrate the Holy land of melanin , it’s gon be worst than the Rodney king beating Ian lying 😂😂😂😂I CAN SEE THE TL NOW OHHHWEEEE😂😂😂😂

Blue = large following on other platforms, celebs, business, influencers, etc
Brown= Melanin confirmed

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