something about this being true don’t sit right with me

#BarbershopTalk101 ??

Him: "I got a girlfriend but how do I get it to listen?"

Me: "Wave a crab leg in its face."

my friends make fun of me cause i STAN their meatloaf ???

Mfs been hyping the Cheesecake Factory up all my life. I finally go and try the shit, its not allat.

If anyone sees me outside fighting my sewing machine, jump in and help me bank this bitch!! She really keep playing with me and my garments, popping and bunching the thread and all that ?

my bestfriend, her brother in law, and his fisnce told me they didn't read slave narratives growing up (in school or at home) and i was shocked as shit

im so glad i took off today cause this second part of the vaccine got me down kinda bad

i told the doctor that my right ear was bothering me. she checked my left one as routine and was like "That one doesnt hurt too? it looks BAD" ?


is blkem pronounced black-em?? bc when i told my brother about it he said it sounds like a porn website??

Ugh only use 1 product to clean your ears. Don’t use 4-5 like me ? This ear infection sucks sucks

i thing i did too much when i cleaned my ears the other day. my right one is sore as hell.

imma follow you ?????

If you see me visiting your profile? Mind your business?

I'm sure this news content about Asians being on the receiving end of negativity from the Black community have made its rounds to your screens.

The pinning of the xenophobia narrative, stigmatizing our community with that label is prominent over the media, social networks and international.

We are not downplaying communties that are affected by it but we have been on the receiving end of blatant racism and no legislations or policies were derived to protect us from it.

The Asian community is a wealthy community! The Black Community still staggers!

#blkem #B1

what yall think about these colors?? my aunt said this color scheme and the flowers i like don’t match ??

im super excited about this new direction baltimore is taking!!

today my job had a training for a new 911 response that sends out a professional crisis worker instead of police for mental heath crisis situations?

When the instructor says “anymore questions or comments?” and someone asks a question or has a comment

Y'all talk to me on every app except for cashapp & it's upsetting me and my cashapp ?????

how this app out for like a day and we acting like this a family reunion this is why this app is the best ?

i love the "you a victim" clip. that mf live rent free in my head and i be saying it out loud ??

seafood macaroni salad n ribs

Aye this the mf cookout and Im on the grill ashy with the Jesus walks sandals on ?? what yall bringing?


& when you new mfs come in here sit yo ass down & dont touch shit! ??