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29? FLA??? B- CU Alumna? ???? Murried??

Make it your mission to #shopblack & #supportblackbusinesses this year!

We produce nothing but top quality anyway, spend your money where it matters?

As we stated before, ??
We're not here to compete with other platforms and/or those that's doing the work. We want to work with you. ??
We're not here to sugarcoat raw truth when we have clearly taken up the bottom class position, comfortably. We want to push content that helps us build, together.??
We're not here to seek other interest except for the Black interest, until we can establish some sort of foundation, we can throttle from. Our economic foundation is important for us.??
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#blkem ?#collaboration

pain is necessary, its unavoidable, but the way you frame that pain in your mind and pick your battles reflects your level of discipline.

As long as you right your wrongs there is nothing else you can do but let go and live your life. it's not up to you to decide how the rest plays out.

Our Blkem users,

We provided this platform so that we can socialize without all the racial trauma as well as walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Continue to get the word out there about Blkem and what we stand for. The more users uttilize the platform the more we can expand and conduct more work online and on the ground.

We are collaborating with a few organizations and platforms to bring physical and digital tangibles for our community. Things are happening behind the scenes.

We are all we got!

#blkem #spreadtheword

i meeaaannn , can we get a #FollowTrain / #SoulTrain going .???
don't come on here w/ that stank twitter actin ways ..? wea my ( #BlkFamilyUniveristy )???

i cant wait for this to be an app lol that will be the day i leave twitter

I'm sure this news content about Asians being on the receiving end of negativity from the Black community have made its rounds to your screens.

The pinning of the xenophobia narrative, stigmatizing our community with that label is prominent over the media, social networks and international.

We are not downplaying communties that are affected by it but we have been on the receiving end of blatant racism and no legislations or policies were derived to protect us from it.

The Asian community is a wealthy community! The Black Community still staggers!

#blkem #B1

good morning. welcome to another new beginning. set your intentions for this month.

Happy Founders' Day to ALL the virtuous ladies of ??? Sorority INC. ??
78 years of professionalism, sisterhood, and service down..... forever to go!?? #BGLO #blackhistorymonth #BLM #F28 #13OriginalPearls