As for me? Just having a place that is just for us is dope. Hell WE make all this social media platform hot. Threads has blacktwittertheads. IG has BlackTwitterIG. We're to commodity. And if it cracks? Ayo I need stock options before it goes public:)

To enhance my frame of thought, analyze history, study different teaching methods and the thought patterns of our enemy, I've taken up the study of sociology over the last year. I'm currently reading Dr. Marimba Ani's Yurugu and it's an eye opener on how Western concepts affect the mind and our behavior. Here's an excerpt. I'll share more as I go along. If you have any reading suggestions, drop them in the comments.

What's on your reading list?

#blkembookclub #BlkemWriters #SelfImprovement #blacktwitter

Sharing a project that I'm super proud of. Black History Baddies shining light on the sistas who paved the way! #blkem #blackhistory #blacktwitter

Black History Baddies: Season 2 (With Outtakes) - YouTube

The popular series is back! Paying tribute to amazing female trailblazers. 16 episodes of Black Girl Magic!

been on blkem for a couple days and the vibe is just different. the Admin speaks with the ppl and ppl speak back. Its a safe haven for Its a place where you dont have to use the #blacktwitter just to talk to your ppl. chefs kiss

In response Destinee Jordyn to his Publication

right? #blacktwitter was holding it down over there. now i’m here 45 got his twitter back, jumped ship right on time

once most of #blacktwitter join blkem, Elon can turn that dumpster fire of an app into the right-winged propaganda site he always wanted

it’s a shame to be on another platform downplaying a new platform because it’s not what you’re “used” to but “blacktwitter” is not a black man’s app! black people just took it over.. blkem is the real deal 🍫❤️

#blacktwitter brought me here., so what’s up, who house we coming to for #thanksgiving 🤣💯✌🏽

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