Blkem Tip:

One feature Blkem has that Plantation Twitter doesn't, is the ability for users to see everyone's post on the public timeline, regardless if you're following them or not!

Hopefully this doesn't bite us in the a$% 😂

If you're using the website, click on "Explore" in the menu.

If you're using the mobile app, click on search icon.

#blacktwitter #blkem #B1 #blackowned

Im really tryna connect with black people.. from different walks of life & support each other on this app.... thats whats Twitters Nonsense stop us from doing instead were used as an army #blacktwitter

i need to find more people to follow

Hey! so new here THIS FEELS LIKE HOME!???? i don't have twitter so this is my twitter from now on #blacktwitter administrator ????

its finna blow up when that app come out dont @ me actually i hope you do #blacktwitter #blkem

Blkem I Just want to let you know that this platform is ????????????????????????????

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