You can only cure hatred with#love and#Light ~#Sunday#COOKout#Convo -
We are healing through the harsh words and experiences from the women who had DMX in their life, his children and his temporary attention.
The Mammy Syndrome:#blackwomen support is a gift and a curse. Black Women need to heal themselves from saving, healing and babysitting their Men. We will talk on Sunday 😥
Rest In Power 👑 Aaliyah was not trying to save you so you loved her, harder than your own women

Black women used as stepping stones - DMX- Kellz - plus more || SKKY ZONE


Black women used as stepping stones - DMX- Kellz - plus more - YouTube

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This is INTRINSICALLY a true statement!! This is why Black men need to do better and stop caping for everyone else!! Lift up Black women each and every day. Defend Black women, each and every day. Treat Black women each and every day. Love Black women each and every day. White supremacy thrives on seeing the disrespect our women receive and they salivate at the mouth when BLACK MEN is the culprit behind the disrespect!


No one cares about black men like black women

Celebrating Women's History Month (Specifically Black Women). March 1 - March 31 and every other days in the year!

We should indeed recognize the contributions Black women have made within the Black Community, for everyone. We should also work on diluting the pain that they have went through and are still going through in the 21st century!

We need to be consistent in building them up and working on ways to continue protecting them.

If anyone wants to contribute to this post, feel free to!


Black Women Inclusion Matters

Change the narrative when you include Black men. Do not skip to Black people if Black women isn't included.#blackwomen

Unification begins with Black Love! Loving thy brother, sister, family, friends, associates etc.. #blacklove#blackmen#blackwomen

Thank you Black Women, for all that you do! This post is one reason why we should continue to lift and protect our Black Women, marry our Black Women, Defend our Black Women, and the list goes on. The Standards of beauty is our Black Women.#blackwomen

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