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Mkay Mmmmmhhhh. ?? Local black optimistic nihilist.

Haven't been on here for a while... How is everyone holding up?

Today's fact about #kenya ??.

Nairobi ;the capital city of Kenya, Is the only city in the world with a National Park. Established in I946 during the colonial period. It is home to numerous species and is known as Kenya's most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries. We value Wildlife and the Kenya Wildlife Services governing most of our parks aims at protecting our animals from poachers and harm by human settlements around our parks.

I hope you enjoy today's fact and if you do make it to Kenya a game drive is highly recommended.

Anyone on here making music? Please share!!! Here's mine.

I wanted to show the very white music community in my town that I can do everything they can do with a guitar, and more. I'm self-taught and do my own recording, writing and performing.

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Exactly. Racism & culture appropriating tik toks.... yea i'll pass

Imma clock out East African time... Goodnight /Goodday y'all... Really nice being here.

are we doing introductions? I'm Jade ??
I'm 1 part scholar
1 part whore
and 2 parts clown ?

Good morning!

Going to be reconstructing my site today and are looking for creative writers/artist who want some free exposure, message me and spread the word. More on that later on.

I'd like to share facts and pictures about my country #kenya ?? with y'all. Are y'all down for that?

I'll start with this here... It's a piece of art created by a local artist after the 2007 post violence election where the youth were armed by local leaders of different tribes with machetes aka 'pangas' and used them to terrorize rival tribes. It was a trying time in Kenya and we've continually worked to ensure this will never happen again. With upcoming elections in 2022, we hope to stand together as one nation and end divisive politics. If you'd like to know more, like and comment below.

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7days... 168 hrs... 10080 hrs... 604800secs... Is too much time if you are not black on this app.

In response Esther Wangu to her Publication

Wait i thought it only shows you visiting once? If not they got me in 4k

The fact that there's an option to turn off the "visited me" notifcation, but nobody gon turn it off bc we all nosy asl?

You cant hide shit on this app everybody knows your every move ?

You cant hide shit on this app everybody knows your every move ?