I wonder what we'll call Kenyans on this @Blkem on twitter they are #KOT

#kenya Woman is being awarded by WHO, for helping over 1000 women to give birth during pandemic ;
Man makes masks to Bricks,
Woman divorces her man to marry holy spirit

#africanparliament election suspended after days of disorder

#Nigeria more kidnappings

#ivorycoast ex president plans to come back

#Mali #ecowas suspension and sanctions over second military cup ,
Military releases Prime Minister, President under unknown conditions

#senegal president is being bashed for buying new yet, amid pandemic

Wins african beach soccer cup

#Nigerian movement for the liberation of the western Sahara condemns France's actions
3 Abducted schoolgirls have been found shot

#zimbabwe deadlock over tobacco transportation fares

#southafrica lawyers representing Zuma are withdrawing

#tanzania braces for cyclone ,
Suluhu doesn't want to be compared to Magufuli ,
Oil deal with Uganda

#liberia #ivorycoast Liberian men had been killed during attack on ivorian military base

#ethiopia #tigray sexual violence as weapon of war

#Namibia protest against oil company

#kenya shortage of HIV drugs


AfricaNews (2/2)
#mozambique attacks ; children face forced mining labour

#african forest elephant at risk of extinction

#Uganda arrest American; fights cancer with mobile mammography van

#madagascar ex president dies

#drc former police president wanted for suspected murder

#republicofcongo elections; opposition leader dies one day after elections

#centralafricanrepublic former president now rebel leader

#kenya Clovid restrictions

#ethiopia Prime minister Aby wants to withdraw troops from #tigray ; war crimes by military

#somali attacks

#sudan readies f

In response Dave Mudroots to his Publication

I applaud the way in which Kenya's government handled those incidents. America...I'm almost certain would never. ???

In response Thomas Bush to his Publication

Truly appreciate the feedback. You're right about that. Even when people did not believe, he kept his faith, ultimately making a way for his people. I believe that everything was pre-ordained from him being left alone to being taken in, becoming rich, selling his riches, bringing in these kids, moving to a bigger location, creating sustainable food and climate environment, then a few years later, when turmoil arised in Kenya, he was able to provide a resource, FOOD. We have to look at the purpose our brands hold, especially what Blkem is trying to accomplish.

We came across this documentary/movie last night and wanted to share the importance of such movie. If you haven't see it, we highly suggest to take some time and watch. "Mully" is based out of Kenya. Take away from this movie..self-sustainment, ownership, hope and unwavering because there are other people that genuinely need our help domestic and foreign.

This is why, self-sustainment is truly important because the need to be dependent on this system of white supremacy will wither away. Your goal is bigger than just you. Each One, Teach One.

#blkem #mully #onelove


What happens when a six-year-o..

In response Hi. My Name Is to his Publication

first Tanzania , then kenya, then go to the west coast & hit freetown in serria leone... its not as expensive as were thinking.. ??

Today's fact about #kenya ??.

Nairobi ;the capital city of Kenya, Is the only city in the world with a National Park. Established in I946 during the colonial period. It is home to numerous species and is known as Kenya's most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries. We value Wildlife and the Kenya Wildlife Services governing most of our parks aims at protecting our animals from poachers and harm by human settlements around our parks.

I hope you enjoy today's fact and if you do make it to Kenya a game drive is highly recommended.

Kenyan lady goes off about Africa's leaders being complicit in China's takeover of Africa. make no mistake , this holds true for the Caribbean also.

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