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A professor gave a balloon to every student, who had to inflate it, write their name on it and throw it in the hallway. The professor then mixed all the balloons. The students were then given 5 minutes to find their own balloon.

Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon.

A Thread:

For my anime fans, if you haven't seen Demon Slayer Season 2 the animation is a masterpiece!💥👑

I would LOVE to see this!!

Imagine the power we would have as a people if we mentally came out of the money measurement system and establish our own human value system how the world would flock to seek out our approval. The Black Stamp of Approval has built brands and families all around the world.

A Powerful Message for ALL black men
Speaker - Aaron Mckie

How y'all feel? I think blacknically should be a word 😂

I know y'all must be tired of people changing their names 😭

Blkem Tip:

For many of you, there is a brown checkmark next to your name.

If you change your username, the checkmark will disappear and your account will automatically be disabled as a security measure.

Just reach out to us, if this happens.

#blkem #B1

I agree with this 💯

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This right here 💯

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Goals!! 💯

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Just stopped by to say hello to everyone. It's been a crazy year & I can't wait for the mobile app to drop. I definitely want to be more active next year. Love all of you & stay blessed.

Been waiting all year lol

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Any gamers here? Specifically to play with on Nintendo and/or Playstation. Gamers to watch are welcome to comment too.

One of my favorites ???

Butterflies by Michael Jackson is a vibe no matter the occassion

Good morning everyone, I was scrolling and came across this interaction. Curious to see which side do y'all take in this?

Life is hard sometimes....I'm not even sure if I'm strong or just numb to it. ????

Life has been kinda busy lately but, I feel some type of way if I don't check in with my BLKEM FAM!! ??

Don't let anyone else ruin your day... It's YOUR day ruin it yourself
#good morning

That would be something to see ??

After Coming to America 2 there has been a rise in interest in the African Diaspora returning home to create a global superpower. If any generation was primed to start the process its ours. We need to push for that 6th region of the African Union spot, create the voters bloc, and do exactly what J Edgar Hoovers FBI was terrified of: Global Black Unity.

If me dealing with you is going to cost me, Me...The price is too high?????

Good Morning everyone, Here's some motivation for you today #blkem

This might be the realest moment in Television HISTORY ?? If you have 2 Minutes LISTEN to this!!

Joe Morton Dinner in America - YouTube

Dropping truth

Keeping your word is more important than keeping up appearances