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We pulled the app down sincee it needs to be revamped a bit. We will relaunch soon.

??We are sorry about your lost! Definitely take some time to heal and stay positive! The Blkem family is here for you!

Please pray for my family.
#Rip Daddy

In response Magickal Empress to her Publication

Sis , I am here for you ?... I pray you and your family find peace and comfort within each other and allow his spirirt to live within each and every one of you ... Fathers are so improtant is a young girls life ... my condolences to you ??

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Good evening everyone! My name is Shauntavia and I'm the co-owner of Marsha's B., and my business partner is Marlene, better known as my beautiful mom. We started this business together to push each other, to stop building everyone else's bag (and get a ?of our own), and most importantly to see each other WIN. We sell women's clothing sizes S-L (Slim Thick Cuties) and 1X-3X (Voluptuous Beauties). You can find us at:
MarSha's B
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?Support us and we give support in return? {#

To all I want to apologize for not being on the platform as often. Sometimes thing in life take a toll on you. I wish the best for my people and their mental health.

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Good have been hiding lately. Hope all is well!

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We are sharing your sadness. When there's a will, there's a way. Keep on pushing. Only you know where you want to be headed. It may take a while, but you will eventually get there. ??

It is great to be amongst my people. I am a minister, a true prayer warrior. Feeling defeated these days. My husband has been looking for a job for 6 months. He has two strikes against him. He is a big black ( kind and charming but black no less)man and he is over 50 years old. Noone even gives him a second interview. He is a dope graphic designer/ marketing specialist Holler if you have some work for him. Blessings

?????????Yessssss! I've imagined a black social media platform, thanks for putting this together Blkem! Slow and steady, we got this

In response Magickal Empress to her Publication

Nice! I always wanted a belly piece but was denied because my navel is too flat ?

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Enjoy yourselves tonight even if it's date night at home since COVID is floating around. Be safe!

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I wonder if they are trying to influence white families to have bigger families again since they are becoming outnumbered.

Hey everyone!!! Nice to be apart of the social media platform