Sometimes you need to just let go in order to elevate
& here I am ELEVATING peacefully !

Got my nails done, & my brazillian.
hair appointment the end of the month

Skipped workout day today cause I worked out 2x yesterday by working out in the A.M then doing an hour yoga flow in the evening

So What's You Guys Profession/Job

For Me:
Profession: Medical Billing & Coding
Job#1: Claims Management Specialist/Provider Relations Specialist
Job#2: Billing Assistant

Good Morning
happy I started therapy yesterday.
weekly sessions for me

I'm so proud of myself for how the day went.
I woke up, started work on time, got SOOO much work complete, finished up, did a tough workout outside on my balcony, took a bomb shower and I can't wait to wake up in the morning to workout before work.

I just want to dive deeper into my spiritual awakening/journey

Welp going to jump onto my calm app and put on some sleep storeis so I cand rift off into a deep sleep

So Happy To Be Back On Schedule With Working Out, I was TOO Scared Of Putting All That Weight Back On That I Worked So Hard to Keep OFF !

While white supremacy slowly implodes, we have to continue to move our community forward, in a positive stance.

While we are fighting for fair treatment, access to resources and human rights, they are fighting because of an election decision. Their priorities have always been tainted and ours, have always been targeted.

Let's continue to unite and work together for a better Black outcome! ??

#blkem #blackowned #blackisbetter

someone give me some podcasts to listen to for finances, love, fun, or spirituality

so I redownloaded the calm app becsuse through my job I got a yr subscription for less than half the cost. ive used it in the past and I am SO excited to use it again

full time job finished at 3, made lunch, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.

phew i am tired

PLUS later I need to do some more work for my p/t job