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If you want to support a black author, I'm posting my book as a weekly newsletter to generate revenue. I'm a nonbinary person, unemployed by the pandemic. I'm also a stage musician, though I play a wind instrument so public shows aren't open to me yet. The first 4 letters are already posted, and the monthly subscription is $7/month, $70/year. Because of the length of my project, this may end up being multiple physical books. There are 10 multicultural queer main characters and mythical creatures. https://xumat.substack.com...

I feel like Ive never seen my momma in braids. She always had a perm in her head. Me and my sisters are loced now and she’s trying out natural styles. 🥹🥹🥹

That dance gone hit at the 2045 cook out. idk what you talkin bout. 🤣😭

yall gotta let the stiff hip dance die

Here we go again. 😮‍💨 I screwed myself out of getting in the first time and gave up bake in 2012. Now tho, I’m not taking the backseat on this masters. 😤😤😤

This summer really started with a bang for me! I haven’t had this much fun outside since like Elementry. 🤣😭

This is exactly why I’m looking for a black medical team now. I want my whole crew to be black. Dr, nurses, gyn, dentist, surgeon, dermatologist… all that. 😡 Hate this happened to you friend. 🥺😔

This been bothering me all week. so I went to the dentist last Thursday and it was at a clinic in Chinatown. I needed a cleaning since my last 1 was in September and this place was the only 1 w/ the soonest appointment. It’s my 1st time there. I check in and I’m token 👩🏽 1/???

In response Site Admin to his Publication

The promotion AND the fact that a white man tried to trademark Juneteenth have both been canceled.

Support https://www.socreamaliciou... instead.

I actually did Karate and Judo. I’ve been thinking about taking up boxing or doing mma training.

#MalcolmX said that all Black people should be trained in #Karate and #Judo to defend ourselves. What measures do you take to defend yourselves and your people. This is not a challenge, I'm just curious what skill sets we have here. For me #boxing and #BrazilianJujitsu #BJJ

I’m glad I wore my best fit to pride (shoes pending), cause my ex was def looking. 😌 Enjoy my shadow babe! 🥰

I set up my alter yesterday and I swear I felt the whole room shift. 🥹

Got to stand in Sada Baby’s shoes today when I visited the studio. Can’t wait to step in and get some work done.

I’m listening to my ep in the park, and baaaaaby. 🥹 I’m so excited to let y’all hear it.

I’m so glad Cartoon Network included characters with my body type. 🥹

An expert from my webnovel World of To’o: The Last President. Book I in a series I’m starting. 😁 Read it at the link in my bio.

I’m outside today. Aright!? 🥴 Wait until my beard grow back in.

You can’t tell me this ain’t somebody light skinned uncle runnin a ship in One Piece. 🤣🤣🤣

I get needlessly misgendered for no reason, out of nowhere and just be like “🙃 Oh you were talkin to me?” I don’t even be processing it until like 15 min later. 😭

This is the goal tbh. 😮‍💨

Life is only as complicated as we make it. It can truly all be so simple

I just detoxed my locs, and I feel like I’m just gonna have to find a professional, cause my arms can’t take this. 😭 I’m tiiiiiiide

Universe please present the opportunity for me to never work outside my field again. 😮‍💨

Y’all, last night almost had me quit this job. I know the universe is tryna lead me elsewhere, cause it ain’t even been 6 months here and I’m having problems I had in the fourth year at my last job, right before I left. I’m letting god lead me. 😮‍💨 Happy Sunday.