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Brooklyn Leo… Humbly prideful

Hour 2/14 of my workday coming to a close. 12 more hours to go.


Protecting your energy is number one priority over everything else because the world can throw shit at you but it wont matter if you learn to dodge and keep it moving 💯✊🏾

I’ve adopted a stance of helping when I can, even after I’ve let go. My goal is to put good out, even though I know most of the time it won’t come back.

One thing for certain is I dont owe anyone a damn thing. No one does. I've done all I could for those who showed me their true colors and I'm no longer in a state of mind that allows me to accept unbeneficial things. (ik thats not a word but i do what i want lol)

lol I actually looked up Blkem too. It’s become regular practice for me. Trying to replace as many things in my life with things made by us.

In response Shiloh Cii to his Publication

Smh. They don't care about us, they just want our dollars. Even when products have a Black face on them I quickly google to see if they're Black owned.

We decided that helping our community requires us to look into different avenues of expansion, hence our first NFT. Proceeds will go back into community and platform development.

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Thank you

#blkem #B1

@Terin I can’t add a profile pic. This feels much more at home on the platform than The Cookout did.