Just Deon


Brooklyn Leo… Humbly prideful

I looked up Tutnese and 🤯 If people thought I was a menace when i backed out the kreole…

I want some NOLA coldbrew but the Blue Bottle closest to me is closed. Do I want to go into the city today for some coffee? Nope, no I don’t. Going to have to settle.

I get the impression Invasion is just getting started.

Wish I had someone to see The Nun II with. The only person whose schedule I know will work is scared.

I ain’t getting any sleep tomorrow night.

Jouvert seems to have an expanded area this year, which is good for the culture.

Hopefully NYPD don’t pull no dumb shit.

Should I watch Power or The Chi this morning? Or should I continue watching Hunter x Hunter? Wheel of Time is back too, but giving priority to certain genres especially when we aren’t centered.

Nah, though… really sleepy and giggling at everything. Y’all good folk have a great night/morning. I’m out.

Also, since I used to talk about how she was, I probably should update anyone who may remember and let y’all know she’s done like a 120. She’s way, way better and more involved with the kids.

My nephew’s mother has a strong villainous laugh. As much as I’d like to share a version of it, I won’t. It’s now her text tone though.

My step daughters were on Judge Mathis. This is funny as hell.

Medellín Sunset 3s, Palomino 1s, Oreo 3s in the future…

I need to catalogue my sneakers before they get out of hand and put them away and keep 4 out for the fall rotation.

I’m beat. I hope that means a good night’s sleep.

I want a negroni and I don’t have any gin.

Whiskey neat it is…

The blurt character count indicator is a really nice touch.

You know what could be even better right now? Seeing @ahlahandruh and @pumpyourbreaks blurting back to back this morning.

About to head to Allan’s bakery for a veggie patty and maybe a currant roll.

Since Unc stopped threatening to excommunicate me, maybe I can return to my summer virtual social schedule.

I bought my first pair of Crocs last week. Wore them for one full day.

Is today a Crocs day? 🤔

I couldn't send the reply to @Ariels_lyfe from my phone. Had to copy and paste to send from the desktop. I think it's the iOS 17 beta.

While I’m here, hi.

Not sure if it’s intentional, but I really, really like this cursor behavior.

Hey @Ariels_lyfe , your profile pic was different yesterday wasn’t it? 😊