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When are they gonna admit that our phone do actually listen to us….? Cus idk about yall but im tired of hearing the blatant lie that they dont 😭😭

my toxic trait is I can’t ignore someone when they get smart. I gottaaaa know “who you talkin to?!” 🤔😭

Triple texting is diabolical af. Dont ever triple text me in your fxckin life 😭😭😭

So i been tryna quit smoking ouid and ive been good for like 2 and a half weeks but its screaming my name atp 🥲

Ok im ngl the older i get the more i start to appreciate spiders for what they do… but like just do it over there away from me.

Its really 3 options, be good to me, leave me be, or fuck around and find out 🥱

Lowkey convinced theres a sign that says “try me” on my back because why do mfs always think im bluffing when i say dont play w me. Im not a toy nor am i your genitals during dry season bb 💀

I be telling ppl that im real firm in my boundaries and i dont play about them but they dont listen and thats not my fault so i dont feel any type of bad for it 🤷🏽‍♀️

Its hella ppl in my phone tryna apologize for being shitty to me and im not accepting any one of them 😌🫧

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It's no place like the Bay. It's just a home feeling. Idk something about out there that just feels so comfortable

Being from out here is the reason i am how i am. You cannot be nice out here unless you wanna get eaten alive 😭😂

Theres literally no other way to explain ppl out here. Theyre just dicks thats it 😂

Idk why but like ppl in the bay area are just rl assholes like thats just the base mood here.

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Periodt!!! Looking like Christmas morning!! 🙌🏽😍🔥#blkembaddies unite! 👏🏽🙌🏽

BREAKING NEWS: @ahlahandruh is TEAM CANDY CORN. I won. It’s OVAH FOR YALL! 😤✊🏽🤚🏾

I been saying this and everyone thinks im just hating but no his sassy ass is weird 😭

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Drake gives me the ick, man.

i sent my best friend a screenshot of a nigga having the audacity… she is the funniest bitch ik i swear😂😂

Hotboxing and have deep ass convos with the homies be healing af