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a black historian, critical thinker, proficient writer in sarcastic font, and a hoe advocate who wants to eat the rich 💕💚💙❤️The Real HU🦬

happy pappies day to all the cousins with weak pull out game. 🫠🖤😘

our cousin needs help. a little goes a long way.
@scrappy , get ya head up shorty! 🖤
if anyone could help me get lunch or dinner today I’d greatly appreciate it! I used the donated money to get a uhaul and storage unit. now I just have to survive until I find a place to call home 🫶🏾 thank you for your support

I’m at the age where I can no longer get ready in 15 mins. I need an hour…minimum.

Good morning beautiful blkem people. Everybody better enjoy the day or I'm beatin yo ass


All I wanted was to share my bonus approval and instead my friend says:

that feeling when life is going good, so good youre just waiting for that other shoe to drop.

reminding myself that I will miss the good things ahead by anxiously waiting for the bad.


Somebody said “You wanna be on my mind all day every day 24/7? Borrow some money from me.” 😂😂😂

is love and marriage:Huntsville scripted?

are these real live people? how is this real?

either way, they got me. 💉 into
the mainline.

except Martell. he is an awful human. just awful.

sometimes feel held hostage by the black card.

having to support based solely on skinfolk and not quality or merit for fear of being labeled a crab-in-the-barrell.

makes community checks & balances seem impossible and our access to our quality is suffering as a result.

bdsm builds strong bonds & trust in ways that are useful outside of a sexual space.

constant checking in. constant communication. constant reaffirmation. constant respect of boundaries.

don’t let the “sex” part distract from the practice of consent in relationships.


Can we be done now? Please? It’s time to call it. Y’all had fun but it’s time for your friend to go home. I’m sure his ppl miss him. Help him get his belongings together. I’ll call his mama and tell her we are on the way.

I swear I love it here.


If you see someone in distress, please be the FIRST to reach out to them...a simple call, text, comment, reblurt DM can change the direction of where things may go.

Creating a community requires us to be close knit and the goal of Blkem is to become a haven of solutions, rather than a cesspool of problems.

Life is not perfect, but with each other's help, we can navigate perfectly!

#blkem #blkemblocks #talktoeachother

imma be next in line 🙌🏾

It’s only been 3 weeks since I became a certified travel agent. Soft Launched my website and officially booked my first client with a bday trip to Turks & Caicos. A lot of late nights and early mornings of researching and marketing. It’s only going to get better🙌🏾 Jah Know ‼️

cousins, update on deWhite neighbor

I had to send the text below because I had enough. I ordered a doorbell camera too in hopes of deterring him. he moved his outside chair to the front of his unit where I can’t see him.

here’s to hoping this chapter is over.

cousins, please stop moving to Los Angeles. we are at capacity.

I want to wear braids all summer and have the wind blowing through my scalp.

I always think of jobs I may have had waaay way back in the very early days, in past lives, and I think i would’ve been a mean glass cleaner. I would have that shit look cleeeeeeeean.

my father wasn’t really in my life for various reasons but one of the realest gems he gave me about adulting is to never trust a fart.

I want to be able to say there should be a reparations tax and not have a single black person tell me why and how it’s not feasible.

no more arrested development. no more convincing our own to ignore our worth.

this is what healing looks like.

Blkem hack until it gets fixed:

if the app keeps closing when trying to post a photo, write and edit blurt in notes. copy& paste to blurt. add the photo & once it loads hit blurt immediately.

you do not have time to reread because the app may close.

hope this is helpful.

Any cousins watching:

Jasmine is the reason why I will never let the title of wife or mother be the definition of who I am.

the conditioning of 💍being a flex gotta stop.

ex-wife & widow are also titles.

titles change.

titles are additions to your life, not the definition.

the sapiosexual in me 💦 at the talk of the meteorite’s entry into Earth’s atmosphere. 🤗
#TalkNerdyToMe 🤓