Hello, my name is Alicia Nunn and I am founder and CEO of Heart2Heart LLC, an innovative media group that dares to tell the truth. There are countless women from ancient Africa who ruled the world. They are our ancestors and like us they were beautiful, built empires and shaped culture. Their influence is still seen around the world. Are you ready? Stay tuned. FOLLOW. LIKE. SHARE.
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Unfortunately, the Absolute TRUTH! 😑

When we have a chance to take charge of our spaces its amazing the backlash, backbiting and whataboutism. The venom and negativity is so stifling at times. Not to mention the sabatoge. #Blackpriorities

@Blkem Some Members are of T... plantation are trying to escape and having problems joining.

A Must Read!
Consciousness, think on it...

Dr Amos N Wilson:
Why does the black man say freedom is doing what I want to do, when everything he wants to do enriches the European?

Why We Do The Things We Do

Seeking a new social media with those who respect Our Blackness!

Lost patience with having to play nicety with those who despise my mere existence; then penalized for speaking my TRUTH!

Two (2) derogatory words that I absolutely cannot allow to seep from my lips, read or hear are: b**** or n*-... in any form.

I will NEVER allow Man/Woman/Beast make me feel or appear less than EVER!