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I'll check it out. I'd say my resume is pretty good at the moment. I'm a quick writer and I've done dozens of different things in the lst few years. I can send you some stuff through my email:

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Ah we need it. I want to create an animation empire. Ideally all Black employees, but I'm putting in serious work and I don't have any Black artists or writers that I can partner up with. With credentials as high as mine or higher.

Oh shit yall! My first interview as a screenwriter 😁💪🏾💯 Did this a few weeks ago and honestly didnt think it would release. Damn this is dope!


Any filmmakers in here? Yall need a writer? Or does anyone know of anyone looking for a writer? I'm trying to build up a list

Great excerpt. Do you have an editor by chance? I ask because I’m trying to gain more experience. Right now I‘m on retainer for a German writer.

Hello, my name is Alicia Nunn and I am founder and CEO of Heart2Heart LLC, an innovative media group that dares to tell the truth. There are countless women from ancient Africa who ruled the world. They are our ancestors and like us they were beautiful, built empires and shaped culture. Their influence is still seen around the world. Are you ready? Stay tuned. FOLLOW. LIKE. SHARE.
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I'm looking to grow my online magazine. Any good writers here looking to help build up the business?

Grand Day, everyone 🌟 Do any filmmakers here need a screenwriter? I have a portfolio of different writings I've done throughout the years that haven't been made into any projects yet. Truthfully, I'm in a bit of a financial bind so I want to be able to capitalize on my craft and also put my ideas to good use. If you're interested, my email is After looking over my work, you can just name your price and we'll be all set 😊 Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to hear from someone soon. Peace to you.

What's good y'all? How's your Sunday going?

I got a question. What's your definition of success? What does it look like?

Answer one or the other if they are both different or only have a response for one of them. For me, success is me actually making a living being a writer/author/creator. Of course I'd love ship loads of money but I'd be comfortable with a livable wage to my standard.

this episode of the series focuses on alela diane. she is someone who has such a nurturing voice as well as a very deep emotionally expressive voice. it's easy to feel cared for or calmer or safe in her music or to feel seen and heard during her more intense and tough topic songs. the goth life includes finding inspiration in singer songwriters.
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in this episode of my music that gets me through series we're going to go over some amazing songs from singer songwriter sharon van etten. and as with everyone in this series, her work isn't in the goth subgenre of music. however, she does go over darkly inclined topics and feelings. hopefully you can find the same comfort feeling of being understood and that you're in a safe space like i do when i hear her voice. the goth life is learning how to deal with dark emotions as well.

Had writer's block I'm on a roll. The thing is...I changed the concept of the song three times. I hope this third time is the charm. ???

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