Hello, my name is Alicia Nunn and I am founder and CEO of Heart2Heart LLC, an innovative media group that dares to tell the truth. There are countless women from ancient Africa who ruled the world. They are our ancestors and like us they were beautiful, built empires and shaped culture. Their influence is still seen around the world. Are you ready? Stay tuned. FOLLOW. LIKE. SHARE.
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Sci Fi, Thriller, Dramady, Action, etc. lol.
much love and respect to you again and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Feel free to contact me so I can give you all of the information you need.



In response Reggie Haynes to his Publication

Most definitely. Got a lot of stuff lined up content wise but give me about 2-3 weeks. Looks like a dope concept though. Would you categorize it as sci-fi?

I also created The House of Reggie’s Tv Show which airs on The RHTV Pay Per View Network or Rhtelevisions.com

Ehhh still conflicted. I get it but then I don’t. National television just wasn’t the place

?TIME TO ASCEND?? !!!! I know y’all are noticing that y’all don’t talk to the same ppl , you may not eat the same or quit drinking or smoking, watches television wayyyless or not at all !!!

Its alllll normal and apart of your “ metamorphosis”
Build you’re cuckoons & prepare to come out a new & improved SOUL?

Trust the process ???

Macktown Urban Novels

A young brother climbs out of the urban trenches to make change around him; he clashes with another brother pumping dope into the hood unapologetically. A sister from the Motherland organize and takes a stand against self-hatred and injustice and an urban apostle brings the Word with some power behind it.

City politicians drop names and sling money around by the millions taking hold of the Mayor, the newspaper, the television and the morning radio show; while players of the elite work the in hours of darkness. The game is on and the players are spread out around Mac

This might be the realest moment in Television HISTORY ?? If you have 2 Minutes LISTEN to this!!

Joe Morton Dinner in America - YouTube

Dropping truth

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