True Black Power


"Knowledge creates confidence, Understanding creates patience, Wisdom creates purpose, Purpose creates action. Action shows sincerity"

Several years ago attempted to set up a social media site also, different times so do know how difficult can be. Would not have known about this site if wasn't for the mutual follow on twitter. So am humbled to be part of this new journey. Looking forward to much engagement and participation.

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How mind-blowing is it that US as a people of a difficult past will let something as simple as a different Opinion separate us from our family and peers. Businesses don't crumble at a board meeting when they don't agree. Arguments should be a solution finding tool. That's It

Why are we in shock about a robot rapper using the n word? Unless thereโ€™s a shift in the content in rap (anti Hip-Hop) music, the outrage is selective. Non-Black execs pay for/promote the same thing non-stop and wonโ€™t sign an artist w/o harmful lyrics. The robots been here.

There is a big difference between GETTING what you want and GETTING TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. You can get what you want and still be no where close to where you WANT TO BE. KEYWORD is BE.

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What is from others as a people do many of us claim that we want, that we can't do or provide for ourselves as a people? #Blackpowerwithpurpose

...weapons have been smuggled into Haiti from the US in shipping containers. Who would send guns to a nation already engulfed in civil war and violence?

What the US has Sown in Haiti they will Reap in Rural and Suburban America

There are a few folk that are really about evidence and facts not hearsay ,emotional rhetoric or feel good phrases. Temporary euphoria is always the go to play for #thehypemasters and if pay real attention the evidence always point to true motives and the denial of the sheep.

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Please accept our condolences as we understand that this is very tough. You do look just like your mom and Iโ€™m sure, you have made her proud.

Appreciate the words of advice regarding the will. A much needed topic to be discussed in our community

My mom passed away one week and two days ago. This is one of my favorite pictures of her and I. She hated the color red. Yet, there we were. Lol. She started to hate the color red due to the prevalence of "gang culture" in NYC. Her favorite color was blue. For those of you who are clueless or who possess just a working-knowledge of the inner-workings regarding funeral arrangements...DO YOUR RESEARCH NOW!!! Children, stress this to your parents and parents stress this to your children. Make sure you have a will drawn up and state within that will who will be appointed as your executor. LET ALL

"Sometimes it is not easy to understand the things have been through. Yet there is a core, recognition of not wishing on others. Despite indoctrination of propaganda and youthful errors of not realizing early, is the Gratefulness of being here at this now" Kuwpa #theWayPointers

The thing that #racistpuppets hate the most is well read Black men/women who use their words and so called laws against them and utilize the same tactics that so called freed them from tyranny. If notice they become the most violent and agitated.

"There is a difference between being proactive and reactive. When proactive it takes a calm deliberate strategic and tactical resolve. Being reactive depletes energy and misdirect focus. Easily primed for cultish thinking, indoctrination then manipulation" Kuwpa

We can't let the civil rights movement be our last great accomplishment on our books. They will gladly celebrate our old accomplishments if that keeps us from making new ones.

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Absolutely right. I for sure would spend $300 on a full outfit if it was all black owned, and I have found some really nice looking brands depsite the overcharging. I just feel like our stuff should be definitely high quality if we're gonna go into the hundreds on small clothing

Greetings, good people!

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I'm filming a #documentary on the history of #Martialarts and #boxing in #Arkansas I knew #JermainTaylor was from Arkansas I didn't initially know that #SonnyListon was also an Arkansan.

Jealousy and Envy reveals itself in amazing circumstances you may not see it, yet that vibe is strong and usually petty

Happy Fri-yay, y'all! Whatever you do this weekend, stay safe!

Being comfortable is beautiful, but nothing grows there, when we factor in Black Empowerment
#blkem #FoodForThought #blkemblocks