True Black Power


"Knowledge creates confidence, Understanding creates patience, Wisdom creates purpose, Purpose creates action. Action shows sincerity"

Several years ago attempted to set up a social media site also, different times so do know how difficult can be. Would not have known about this site if wasn't for the mutual follow on twitter. So am humbled to be part of this new journey. Looking forward to much engagement and participation.

This inclusive thing is killing us its like so many go out of their damn way for inclusion.

"That's not a chip on my shoulder, that's your foot on my neck"
Malcolm X

"They putting a rope around your neck you praying lord forgive they no not what they do their experts at it, they know what their doing" Malcolm X

Oakland County teacher on leave after assignment depicts Barack Obama alongside https://www.clickondetroit...

"Look out for the disruptors in your life. Notice who are around you when concentrating on a task, the ones who are the disruptors; disrupt your flow every time come around. Vibes are real and so are actions. When you feel something is wrong, it usually is" Kuwpa #blkquotes

The Hidden History of When Black People Were Not Allowed in Towns After Dark #Blackknowledgetime http://blackdocumentaries....

"Many of us will belittle and degrade each other over low wage jobs, yet have not been in the position to provide living wage jobs or partnerships. Yet will compete to collapse; to work for others then become condescending once so call make it" Kuwpa #Blackpriorities

We cannot change the way crakas treat & view us but we can change the way WE treat & view eachother

BoBBy Shmurda Stop to talk to DJ Self at Power 105

BoBBy Shmurda Stop to talk to DJ Self at Power 105 - YouTube

BoBBy Shmurda talks to DJ Self About New Projects women life Post Jail and much more

In response True Black Power to his Publication

I’ll have to go rogue on this one. I’ve listened to Prager U videos before and I found them to be disingenuous. Nevertheless, the topic of the video is good for discussion.

African American Poverty Rates Per HBCU State #Blackpriorities

Blacks in Power Don't Empower Blacks 🤔http://blackdocumentaries....

"The difference between BlackPower and WhitePower is that true Black power is about uplifting encouraging building not belittling degrading destroying. Let's check our ways toward each other as we practice what we preach check self if following ways of them we claim to abhor" Kuwpa #quotes

In response True Black Power to his Publication

this white man planned and orchestrated an attack in the name of white supremacy And they are trying to play him up an insanity defense took him in Alive after killing 10 people and injuring 3 others this is wild and still not labeling him a terrorist

If you believe in progressive development for an entity that's "FOR" the Black Community, no matter what phase it is in, then you believe that the lack of support is a disservice to that entity.

Nothing can bring change for us, EXCEPT us.

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem

Black Mafia Family Motown Mafia Eddie Jackson & Courtney Brown | http://blackdocumentaries.... #Backknowledgetime

Payton Gendron, Buffalo Mass Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

"The average age of a Black Panther member was just 19 And half of them were women. "
The Rank and File Women of the Black Panther Party and Their Powerful Influence
Read more: #Blackknowledgetime

In response True Black Power to his Publication

It is pretty clear that the idea/process is worthy.... which IMHO immediately poisons standard/system funding possibilities. The ultimate faulting the program for its imminent failure could be tied to the lack of funding/training. Would be nice to find a few ligit #BlackAngles

1969 SPECIAL REPORT:BLACK PEOPLE AND NIXON http://blackdocumentaries....

"If Black empowerment not personal, just emotional slogans, quotes feel good euphoric moments, we will be played every time. Check who hyped you? their true motive and purpose. Do not forget to check yours also while reacting" Kuwpa #Blackpowerwithpurpose #Blackpowerinpractice

One of the most pressing issues
it seem is our inability as a people who do not help each other look out for our basic needs as a people. Many of us are so caught up in white materialism, one reason why many of us
are easily manipulated and used. Have no refuge in each other. #Blackpriorities

What do y’all think about these menstrual trackers with this Roe v Wade conversation happening? Are you fearful of that data being used against you?

On this week's episode, a special panel examines the impact of "Nostalgia Culture" in popular media, by asking the question 'Why are so many TV Shows/Movies reboots, remakes and re-imaginings?' #thatsthescenario #TV #movies #streaming