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Deploys troops to boarder with ehtiopia

Politician arrested

Bobi Wine keeps being intimidated by military

Ongoing tension between south and north

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Since the present vaccine is not effective against the South Africa strain, lets hope the president can goose the system so it can produce another vaccine to fight THIS variant.
You know, like TRUMP DID?

The World Health Organization has detected a new, more virulent variation of the Corona Virus in South Africa.
Let's see. When this happened under Trump he
1. Banned travelers from affected countries
2. Directed the FDA to remove bureaucratic roadblocks to development of anti virus vaccines
3. Had four effective vaccines on the market within 8 months.

Now, let's see what Joe Biden will do.

Slavery, Masters and Servants in the Bible

In today's context, when people think of master and slave, they think white man with a whip beating an African against a tree, raping a Black woman at their pleasure, and buying and selling people like livestock. Unfortunately, this was a reality during the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade at the founding of America. But none of these things were done in the Bible even in the most rigorous times of bondage. No where in the Bible does it say that slaves were beaten with whips, murdered by the millions or raped, burned alive or hung from trees.

The original thieves who stole art, culture, and humans...

Stealing Africa. How Britain looted the continent’s art


Had no clue.

According to a story in the November 13, 1974, Toledo Blade, Foxx heard about the job opening and applied for it: "He was looking for an all-black community to help, so he took the job." He announced plans to finance a swimming pool and a museum for the town and to donate some of his memorabilia for display.

Foxx’s move inspired entertainers such as #SammyDavisJr and #FlipWilson to go in the same direction in the cities of Boley and Langston, OK under the initiative of improving the plight of Black/African-American people, nationwide.

Before we turn in, we're asking that you share your favorite Black/African-American/Indigenous owned business with us. We'll be doing a weekly business spotlight to keep the dollars circulating throughout our communities and we need ALL hands on deck. Sleep peacefully, be kind to each other, good night, and all that other happy stuff.?

We're running out of patience too Joe. - The Black/African-American/Indigenous community.

1) I guess biracial commercials and Congressional dance circles really is our reparations package from the government. Can't even get a formal apology, but take this vaccine or lose any form of economic footing that might help get you ahead or keep you afloat.

2) The choice to vaccinate is yours and yours alone. Do what's best for you. But these tactics of division will not continue.

Why Are You Inviting African Americans to Africa? || Ask Dr. Mumbi https://youtu.be/xe2dJvXU4...

Why Are You Inviting African Americans to Africa? || Ask Dr. Mumbi - YouTube

re you SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING RELOCATING TO AFRICA? Then we have started this new Channel that will be perfectly tailored to your relocation journey. SUBSCRIB...

First its Mexicans crossing the border, now its Blacks. Bigoted whites cannot seem to take responsibility for nothing they do.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blames Covid surge on African Americans who have not been vaccinated https://afromerica.com/afr...


Any Pro-Black brothers and/or sisters want to assist me in developing my Critical Race Theory Curricula on Afromerica.com? I need:
• Historical facts and documents (including links and book references) on Europe’s imperialistic colonization of Africa
• Historical facts and documents of Europe’s barbaric and warmongering conquest of any nation they encountered
• Historical facts and documents on white America’s genocidal takeover of the Americas (North and South)
• Historical facts and documents of white America’s inhumane treatment of A

Why Africa's Borders are a Mess https://youtu.be/v-mZ29WcG... viaYouTube this is what happens when we allow colonists to define our borders and identities. They've created chaos and disorder amongst us.

Why Africa's Borders are a Mess - YouTube

In much of the world, national borders have shifted over time to reflect ethnic, linguistic, and sometimes religious divisions. Spain's borders generally enc...

In response Akau Anyieth to his Publication

I agree. There are many bob brands now. I've seen 2 black beauty supply stores fold in the last decade because black people frequented the Asian stores and because they could not get the products from the Korean distributors. The book No Lye! : The African American Woman's Guide to Natural Hair Care chronicles the history of the transfer from a black dominated market to an Asian one. It's absolutely something that we could take back again if we put our minds to it.

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