Redirecting with Deborah Yah: Ron DeSantis bans African American studies class from Florida high schools.

Envy not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways. MISHLEI (PROVERBS) 3:31 את CEPHER

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That is the thing, Idk where I would want to go. somewhere quick during the weekend.

I want to go to Africa (dk which part) I plan on going for my 30th

Africa… Nairobi to be exact. 🦒

if y’all could travel anywhere right now where would you go?

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Awwwe I love this! Sub- Saharian Africa has some of the most beautiful countries with the kindest people & Ghanaians have THE most beautiful teeth and smiles. Don't let the 8.2% get you down 🥺☺️💕💕

To all Afro Americans as French people from Africa who travel there often, if I can advise you anything it is to go there at least once in your life, there are no places in the world where you would feel so at home

Also, I’m putting her back in African Dance, she’s been gone for about 6 months and she misses it.

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But… it is a state tho. Just like Africa is a country.

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LMAOOOO!! Ok ok…yes we been to Africa! Ghana and Kenya in our near future! New Era Detroit has a chapter in Nigeria so once we launch Safe Zone Mobile…we definitely have to extend outreach to Africa…and do some philanthropy work. Defintely will!

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That’s still Africa! 😂
Ahh, my friend just did a month long trip to SA and then Ghana. Hopefully you get to make it and please do let me know what you’ve got planned for work out there. Maybe I can help too?

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Only been to Morocco (but it’s not considered AFRICA AFRICA so it don’t count for us)…was going to visit SA last year but COVID stepped in. So we’re looking to visit soon…and…do some work over there, eventually!

In response Marian Watson to her Publication

Let’s gooooo!!! Can’t wait to travel to Africa as well

I’ve decided to cancel my trip to Sweden next month and extend my trip to Africa instead.
It just makes sense to spend 3wks in Africa considering what it’s costing to get there.

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If there are any East African restaurants where you live - there’s a chance they serve it.
Also typo, spiced *camel milk* tea.

I’ve watch five boxing matches. during the break, the show has yet to play a song created by an non African. every song is black culture and creativity.

I love that Dallas has a paan African store here. that’s where I go to get my seamoss and my organic black soap. 🙌🏾

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