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Hey I am in contact me personally at I am organizing in Charlotte NC. Looking forward to hearing from you. One of our biggest issues, our disconnect form Africa, understanding and becoming financially literate, building generational wealth through real estate and entrepreneurship. I am Tracey an accountant for over 30 years, ready to preach and teach!!!! Ready to listen and learn. Bringing aware to RBTS an unclassified mental health issue amongst African Americans....

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Yes, I believe "Integration" was the worse thing that could've happened to Black America! But, historically WE have seen what evils take place when the Europeans realize that those of African Ancestry have absolutely no need for them! They kill, destroy, bomb and burn it ALL down!
During the Civil Rights Era when WE had the powerful Black Leaders more should've came to the table! Reparations, Land and Separate Protected States, etc.
Try the documentary on Tubi, "Reclaiming The Throne." No matter the religion/beliefs I prefer to gain knowledge by US from US.
Remain Blessed and Vigilant!

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I had to quickly pause at the title "The American Conservative." As WE should always be vigilant and remain with eyes & ears open to "some/many" agendas for Black Americans. I prefer to not get deep/respect words from a conservative and a reader that is a White guy to give his negative take while traveling in African American communities for his job. No, I couldn't continue reading this.
What I read briefly was the example of the historical indoctrinated whitewashed of this is ALL Black Americans were, are and will be; their LIE!

I am totally new here. Im so excited for a platform owned by people of indigenous/african descent. I have no idea how this works. Any kind souls willing to share directions/ideas/thoughts.

Cfr Arinze Chukwu ( Cordinator AFRICAN EARTH FARMS ) and The Deputy State Counsel FCT Abuja , Nigeria 🇳🇬

Greetings my fellow Black Kings and Queen , please anyone who is interested to collaborate with me to form a strong partnership for Agriculture Project Under AFRICAN EARTH FARM should message me here or my whatsapp

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I enjoy it from time to time, but I haven’t listened to it since I saw a Korean artist doing afrobeats and sniff in an African language….Idk, something about that just gagged me a little too bit.

My body is so tired from going to the Big Bounce America event on Sunday. It was a lot of cardio. And I did it a couple days after spending a week in Wisconsin Dells vacationing at the Kalahari resort, an overrated fake African experience which I don’t recommend people go to.

On May 1 , 1865 , freed slaves came together in Charleston , S.C to pay tribute to the Union soldiers that had been deceased and put into a common burial after the war. There were 257 deceased Union soldiers , according to the American Oracle : The Civil War In the Civil Rights Era, a book written by David Blight a Yale University professor .

This event held over of 10,000 people in the ” slaveholders race course.” , according to the American Oracle by Blight. Black Charlestonians along with white missionaries and educators stood in honor of the Union soldiers .

Three thousand African Am

How the Black Codes 👉🏿Limited👈🏿 African American Progress After the Civil War
The black codes effectively continued enslavement for African Americans by restricting their rights and exploiting their labor. #Blackstudytime

Apartment hunting should not be this hard. This attributes to my lack of engagement within the Global African studies sector. When properties are rapidly being snatched up, it's hard to focus.

I genuinely feel for those who live in NYC. It's a dream of mine to migrate to Harlem and serve/teach our people in the real estate field. But even when affordable housing qualifications are benchmarked at at $90,000+ income, something's terribly wrong.

Is anyone else feeling the hit of the rental market? How are you coping? & I really need someone in NYC to tell me how you're still making it.

I swear I’m not retiring in this oversized trailer park called America!!! either Bali, South Africa/Africa, or Mexico are my top 3 this far. I’m fvkn outta here and no I’m not waiting til no damn 62 or 65 either

Any African American journalist on here ??? I have an amazing storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙌🏾🙌🏼🙌🏽

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