True Black Power


"Knowledge creates confidence, Understanding creates patience, Wisdom creates purpose, Purpose creates action. Action shows sincerity"

"Deceiving psychological tools and propaganda is an industry well timed, used often with meticulous planning" Kuwpa
The Century of Self: a deep watch. An eye opener. #Blackstudytime https://blackdocumentaries...

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"There many who love the struggle, yet become angry when you are trying to unstruggle, then create more struggle to keep you from unstruggling" Kuwpa

We just can't be talking and don't dig deep into the historical psychological warfare tactics that have been used against us as a people, whether a scholar or a learner, access to resources is available. Making sure what's shared is solid not just group thinking or in feelings.

When we don't acknowledge each other or mean mug each other, merchants that are not us they take notice, it put their minds at ease 'yep they still divided' They know that their position will stay secure no worries. Next generation waiting in queue. #Blackchoices

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Deal ends the 11th.

I really hope ones who always talking about tired of old N****s will do better, really show the way. Simply because most who talk the most belittling,degrading, disrespecting, forget that old N****s were young N****s like you. Then will argue with an old N**** over this word

America's Black upper class - Rich, successful and empowered | https://blackdocumentaries...

Putting together material on the Comstock Laws and I can't help but to think of that old lady that used to be on the cable TV talking about the sex.

Used to creep me all the way out. Growing up in the 90s was wild.

Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property https://blackdocumentaries... #Blackstudytime

Do we gatekeep in the Black community? https://newpittsburghcouri...

The Stealing of The Black Talented Tenth Through A System of Self Hate https://blackdocumentaries... #Blackstudytime

"Many of us will belittle and degrade each other over low wage jobs, yet have not been in the position to provide living wage jobs or partnerships. Yet will compete to collapse; to work for others then become condescending once so call make it" Kuwpa #Blackpriorities

When white supremacists overthrew a government https://blackdocumentaries...

"Black people differ with each other they don't have to destroy each other about it, they can still be protective and differ with each other" Dr. John Henrik Clarke #theWayPointers

i get that AI is here to stay but what’s gon happen when ppl start losing jobs to machines en masse?

Unlearning your own toxic patterns is self-care.🪞🗣💕🛠🧖🏾‍♀️

“The man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all.” - Baduisms

"Better jobs and housing are only temporary solutions. They are aspects of tokenism and don't go to the heart of the problem"
Malcolm X

Countering The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys (1987) | Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu https://blackdocumentaries...

Avoid These Top 10 Common Financial Mistakes #Blackpowerwithpurpose

Entrepreneur Makes History, Opens First Ever Black-Owned Bank in Arkansas

There is a difference between a using spirit and a reciprocal cooperative one. The users are very aware of someones else's potential but they will use that person like they discovered them, which creates the most toxic environment a waste of energy and time. #Blackpowerwithpurpose

"We are suppose to be the prime example of self respect dignity and power" Dr. Frances Cress Welsing #quotes #Blackpowerwithpurpose

"When you hear me say "by any means necessary," I mean exactly that. I believe in anything that is necessary to correct unjust conditions-political, economic, social, physical, anything that is necessary" Malcolm X #Blackpowerwithpurpose

No matter how much you think you are prepared things can happen beyond your control at the time. Yet sometimes we just need a little breathing room to get back on track, with this being said, that breathing room is knowing have the refuge of each other. #Blackpowerwithpurpose

Are You Raising One of the Next Generation of Hoodlums? Fostering Unselfishness

The approach of respect/acknowledgement is always appreciated. Especially among each other, why? Simply have been belittled degraded from so many others. A simple nod from one of own in front of our common irritants is a refuge. This vibe is real/felt Kuwpa #Blackpowerwithpurpose

Let's make it a habit to avoid dictating how people should handle grief and depression. Especially if your "advice" isn't backed with expertise in the mental health field. This is not a one size fits all solution. People are really going through it and while I'm an advocate for tough love talks, life's struggles does not present us with a one size fits all solution.

Gods carry compassion and the capacity for understanding.