The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies
Rejecting the Moynihan report caused untold, needless misery. #Blackstudytime

Countering The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys (1987) | Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu http://blackdocumentaries.... #Blackstudytime

How the Black Codes 👉🏿Limited👈🏿 African American Progress After the Civil War
The black codes effectively continued enslavement for African Americans by restricting their rights and exploiting their labor. #Blackstudytime

Stand on Your Feet, Black Boy!":
Leon Sullivan, Black Power,Job Training,War on Poverty:
PDF https://repository.upenn.e... #Blackstudytime

Many of us try to make things too complicated, there has been many guidelines and suggestions that can easily be implemented, wonder at times what do we really want and who are we trying to get it from? Historically speaking. #Blackpriorities #Blackstudytime #Blackchoices

Google a church in your area satellite street map image to see what impact/influence have on surrounding area. #Blackstudytime

The influx of immigrants the crack epidemic Black incarceration rates the 80's #Blackstudytime

"By 1967, this number had grown to about 3,400; to about 45,000 in 1986, and approximately 75,000 by 1992. (These figures are based on the statistical projections and estimates of Chaldean American community leaders.)" https://www.chaldeannews.c... #Blackstudytime

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