Anthony Anthony


Don’t let your inner bitch win

Did saying “youngster” evolve from saying “young sir”?

Can we all agree that the birds we see on a day to day basis are fake?

I’ve watched Encanto, Coco, and Finding Nemo probably about 25 times in the last 3 weeks. I know every episode of Puppy Dog Pals and Spidey Man and His Amazing Friends. Send help

Watching children grow in real time is just so wild to me



Baby Gabriel was born on 1/18/23 at 8:30PM. All up to the wifey if she wants me to blurt some pics but we are finally home now, after spending 2 days in the hospital.

Thanks for all your kind blurts!!!

And I mean read me like a book. respectful and all 😭😭😭

y’all, I hate to break it to y’all, But Jonathan Majors like white women…

you told who? because there’s no H in my man’s name. 😌

Everyone is freaking out about this big audit this week and lowkey hood we fail…

Whew. All I kept hearing was “Until you do right by me…”

Parents who don’t take care of their kids, will continue to struggle in life.
You don’t do right by your kids & God will not do right by you; You will continue to struggle financially, mentally, & spiritually.
Every time you look up, it will be another problem in your life. 🔊


Thank you for waking me up this morning
Thank you for activity in all my limbs
Thank you for a clear mind
Thank you for a job that pays the bills and then some
Thank you for life
Thank you for breath
Thank you for forgiveness
Thank you for grace
Thank you for love ❤️

Alright y’all, it’s time for bed. New year, old you or whatever they say

Somebody wanna explain how #BlkemBaeDraft is gonna work? I’m just here for the commentary and pot stirring

This was an awesome game with a GREAT host and participants. Very creative! This is the first ever #BlkemScavengerHunt where we need to make this a thing but with actual prizes.

We will be communicating with @askalicia on how we can make it better and acquire winner's prizes to distribute.

#blkem #BlkemScavenger

Aye 2023, when we crossover, don’t ask for nothing. Don’t touch nothing. You are to be seen and not heard. You don’t speak unless spoken to. You gon get in here and act like you got some sense.

I’m not even playing, but it does seem mighty convenient that @blkem just so happens to have the top spot in the scavenger hunt 🧐

The president of the company just got me mixed up with another black supervisor…