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A New Era Nation and Blkem collaboration safety and security initiative...

Safezone Mobile (SZM)

This is how we begin to protect our communities. The old ways only work for a time but as society evolves, we have to be creative and innovative. We have to be a step ahead. We have to start making CHANGES!

Communities Taking Charge of Our Own Safety

Pilot launch in Detroit on April 29, 2023, before national release later on.

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Blkem Subscription Statistics

Subscribed members: 44
Active subscriptions: 26

*Blac Premium*

Blac members: 1
Pitch Blac members: 3
Jet Blac members: 1

*Safezone Mobile*

Detroit [SZM] Pilot members: 18

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Blkem Platform Statistics

Users: 14,694
Posts: 223,712
Videos: 2,156

Jan 2023 - 225 users signed up
Feb 2023 - 95 users signed up
Mar 2023 - 81 users signed up
Apr 2023 - 91 users signed up
May 2023 - 105 users signed up
Jun 2023 - 63 users signed up
Jul 2023 - 196 users signed up
Aug 2023 - 171 users signed up
*Sep 2023 - 66 users signed up so far

The amount of users that signed up during the past months, where are they? There should be more timeline engagement.

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Mobile App Update

We have pushed some minor updates to the Android and iOS stores and both are pending review. This update was uploaded yesterday but we had found some issues. Now, those issues have been fixed.

Store reviews are faster now that we have been constantly updating so expect these update to be availabe today or over the weekend.

Here's what to expect:

[Update] Added [E] text on an edited blurt

[Update] Auto-scroll up when home icon is clicked

[Update] Added verified badge for users in "Reply to blurt" screen

[Fixed] Edit comment issue

[Fixed] Incognito mode issue shows user online when blurt is reblurted

[Fixed] Quick blurt edited issue

[Fixed] Emoji line height issue that creates extra vertical space in blurt text

[Fixed] Reblurt username bypasses the border

[Fixed] Hashtags and mentions not showing on same horizontal line as normal blurt text

[Fixed] Adding a vertical space before a hashtag or mention

[Fixed] Images in a text-only blurt still shows on timeline when reblurted

[Fixed] Error when adding credit card in settings

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***Android App Update

We have pushed another update for both Android and iOS..unfortunately, we have found some issues, after pushing to the stores.

Android new version is currently live in the Play Store...iOS is not.

***DO NOT*** update to the new app version in the Play Store until we fix the issues and re-upload, as there will be no way to revert to the prior version.

Thank you!


Blkem Blocks

Since we couldn't get many of our cousins to take the extra step to test Blocks Beta and provide feedback and suggestions, we can't just wait and hope to see it we're going to bring Blocks Beta here (in hopes the system don't crash)..on the production app, so cousins can test and provide the feedback and suggestions we have been asking for.

Remember, this is a community and in order for a community to thrive, we have to participate more in things that can grow this community...especially when the support is heavily needed, for an independent platform as us, where it is super difficult to get the support needed because we are Blackcentric.

#blkemblocks #blkembroadcast

Shots fired! ooowee lol It's on our beta app for testing..we'll bring it to live soon so you can use and test

DWL I think it’s updated. I see features that wasn’t here a month ago. Y’all wanna talk about those “blocks” yet ? 🤭🫨

The bird app was dying...but Black people are STILL holding up the foundation.

I can’t believe Twitter is dying right before our eyes's been about 10 months and you STILL haven't got verified? We got it waiting for you in the freezer..just holla.

how you get verified on this shit? I’m lit!

Oh hey @jewjew__ it's been a ya been?

we all cousins! HEY COUSINS🫶🏽

Hmm...9 months ago.. @chaneljanae was locked in on Blkem. And no..we haven't locked you still got about 3 more months to go.

If we locked in, ain’t no switching up 🤞🏽

😂😂 let me guess...and your mobile app isn't updated as well.

Who is behind this profile because Chile the shade 🌴😂
Unnu pree me fr

We feel you @_antdaking

but...Blkem will keep you young...come back to the fountain of youth

#whenblkemwaslit for tagging historical blurts.

tired of looking in the mirror and finding new gray hairs😭 I’m not ready for the salt and pepper look lol

Seems like @secret_lifeof_yana emancipated herself from Blkem...a month ago...cuzzz...crickets

Happy Emanicipation Sweet Sweet Jamaica 🇯🇲

Well @Scrappy how much do you miss us's been a month

I missed yalllllll let me catch y’all up on some pics

@Wise0wl was bringing it back...2 years ago...what's new in 2023?

Who here remembers Black people STARTED Social Media with "Black Planet"? All were welcome but if you started drama and you were an "other" people would call you out. That led the way for "MySpace" I direct BITE of BP where "others" would feel more. comfortable. Then came "FaceBook" which was originally for college students. It differed from MS by asking people to use real names so people could track you down. Then came Twitter to put a limit on some of them long ass post. Then instagram cause who reads anymore anyway. I could go on but you get the point. #ORIGINATORS

With 149 blurts...@SamanthaSturdivant have taken care of us...we need more of your energy ma'am.

Where's the Dutch people at? @afrifa asked a simple question

Are there any Dutch people on here already?

The largest, oldest, and most popular website dedicated to books by or about Black people...missing his books 😢

Discover great new books and a wonderful new film in AALBC current newsletter:

@librahag was speaking FACTS..when she was active!

pain is necessary, its unavoidable, but the way you frame that pain in your mind and pick your battles reflects your level of discipline.

The Power Of Applied Knowledge!

New Era Detroit Founder Zeek.


The Power Of Applied Knowledge with Billy Carson and Zeek of New Era - YouTube

Solutions for Humanity FREE WORKSHOP for GODPOWER 2

Followers Count

You all may have noticed that your followers count is decreasing. No reason to be alarmed.

We had previously sent out emails regarding removal of inactive accounts..while we are still in the process of doing this, we have started with suspended accounts who have violated community guidelines.

We will be extending the grace period for regular accounts who have been inactive 1+ years.

More updates coming soon!


Let's see what is going to be done about this...a page that is dedicated to spreading hateful vile content towards Black people and the community.

These are the traumas that we endure when using platforms that cultivate this type of content with no repercussions for the culprits or their pages. We continue to make these platforms wealthy with little regard for our brothers and sisters.

Look at the following...and there are million more pages just like this.

There should be a zero tolerance for these content.

#blkembroadcast #zerotolerance