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A New Era Nation and Blkem collaboration safety and security initiative...

Safezone Mobile (SZM)

This is how we begin to protect our communities. The old ways only work for a time but as society evolves, we have to be creative and innovative. We have to be a step ahead. We have to start making CHANGES!

Communities Taking Charge of Our Own Safety

Pilot launch in Detroit on April 29, 2023, before national release later on.

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Block is live notification

We will be adding a Block is live notification so whenever someone creates a Block, you can be notified of this.

Rest assured, knowing that a Blkem member is opening a Block.

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App update

We have added a few minor updates to the Blkem app.

[Update] App UI aesthetic
[Update] Added reset password mobile and email
[Update] SZM functionalities

Play store have approved but App store rejected.

Please update your android app while we resolve iOS issue.

Thank you!

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Good morning all,

Prior to the new year, we mentioned that Blkem will be undergoing a rebrand due to the shortfalls we have been facing, since launch.

This rebrand will temporarily divert its current focus to a reality that can be scalable, and ultimately benefit the initial goal of why we launched Blkem.

This approach is necessary to keep our vision alive in the foreseeable future.

More to come!

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Happy Holidays!!

It's been a minute since we pushed a Blkem update.

Here's what to expect in the New Year!

As you know, we worked really really hard to reach many of our inactive cousins and pushing them to come back to Blkem. We have tried various advertising, collaborations, and lives..but unfortunately, they were all unsuccessful.

So...we have to look at other avenues "economically", in order to continue to sustain Blkem for the foreseeable future.

As with other Black Owned SNs, the struggle have always been getting the community onboard with Black Empowerment, and...that have produced more downfalls. So..another approach is necessary to refocus on the priority, while minimizing the fall.

1. We will be improving aesthetics
2. We will be improving features, especially Blocks
3. We will be improving functions such as photo upload issues, loading issues etc
4. We will possibly be rebranding Blkem and adding ease to certain limitations.

More to follow on this!

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Timeline Interaction and Ads

The goal of "The Hall" (public timeline) is to give everyone the ability to interact with each other so that there will be no shortage of conversations.

Be warned..if you're just logging in to blurt an ad and leave without interacting with other users, your ad will be T.I. would say...EXPEDITIOUSLY!

We have been seeing an increased in users just logging in to blurt an ad, then leaving just to return another time to blurt same or different ad.

Please utilize the timeline for what it was made interact and have conversations.

**If you would like to advertise, please utilize the ad feature on the website and support the platform.

Thank you!


Blkem Blocks

Reminder: Once the Block is over, please close it. Click on the three (3) dots (top right corner) in the Block, and tap on close.

This will close the Block. We do not have an automatic feature that closes the Block after please help us out.

Thank you!

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Mobile App Update

Both the App and Play store has approved the new Blkem version. Please update your app.

If you don’t see the new version in the stores, wait a few minutes for it to update.

This version should have Blocks issues resolved.

Thank you!

#blkembroadcast #blkemblocks

Mobile app update

We have pushed a new update to the App and Play store 2 days ago and it's available for download.

Please update your app.


Account Removal

We just removed approximately 300 accounts that returned error emails after the mass notification we sent out.

Seeing that many cousins have returned and interacting on the timeline, we will hold off on additional account removals so we can allow others to trickle in.

This wouldn't be for for the cousins that's still missing in action, hurry up and get that active status stamped.


Follower/Following Count

If you see your follower or following count decreasing, please be aware that we have started removing accounts that have not been active for a year or more.

There's many accounts that have not been active since 2020.

Some of these accounts have many blurts and media attached to it. Removing them helps free up server space and increase website and app performance.


White media is doing what they are supposed to do..keep the power structure alive, facilitate the negative perception of the Black community.

Black media (not all), are moving the goal post constantly, so they can acquire more likes, shares, views and follows, instead of pushing positive perceptions.


Blkem Blocks

We have pushed a new update for Blocks and it is currently pending review in App and Play stores.

What to expect:

[Update] Category selection validation
[Update] New request red notification
[Update] Four users per column
[Update] Blocks interface, create Block, schedule Block
[Update] Mic mute red icon
[Update] Edit Block
[Update] Upcoming today section
[Fixed] Request to speak on Block pull up
[Fixed] Multiple Block creation on button click
[Fixed] Block creation time
[Fixed] Cohost automatically added to Upcoming Block
[Fixed] Upcoming Block "start Block" button when time is met

#blkemblocks #blkembroadcast

Blkem Blocks

We are working on fixing Blocks related issues and updating the aesthetics to make it more user friendly so please bear with us while you are using Blocks.

Thank you for your support!

#blkembroadcast #blkemblocks

Everything Blkem!

Tune in Today at 6:30PM MST for the first official Blkem AMA on Blkem Blocks!

Download or update your app to use Blocks!

Don’t leave me hanging! Lol

#blkem #blkemblocks

Play Store have approved Blkem updated app version.

Please wait a few minutes to update your current Blkem app.


Blkem App have been approved in App Store. Wait a few minutes for the store to update before download.

What to expect:

[Update] Added loading bar for quick blurt
[Update] Message and notifications count display
[Update] Added background for edit blurt [E] label
[Update] Added loading bar for blurt creation
[Update] Blurt creation screen close on button click
[Update] Real-time blurt update on timeline
[Update] Changed "m" to "mon" to represent months
[Update] Blkem Blocks Audio Chat
[Fixed] Snack bar notification when blurt is created
[Fixed] Quick blurt issue

#blkem #blkembroadcast

Blkem App have been approved in App Store. Wait a few minutes for the store to update before download.

What to expect:

[Update] Added loading bar for quick blurt
[Update] Message and notifications count display
[Update] Added background for edit blurt [E] label
[Update] Added loading bar for blurt creation
[Update] Blurt creation screen close on button click
[Update] Real-time blurt update on timeline
[Update] Changed "m" to "mon" to represent months
[Update] Blkem Blocks Audio Chat
[Fixed] Snack bar notification when blurt is created
[Fixed] Quick blurt issue

#blkem #blkembroadcast

We did it Joe!!!

We finally got Blocks on live. We just pushed mobile app update to store and waiting for approval.

Please expect to see some issues in this version but Blocks seems to be working in this Beta.

If you have TestFlight, you can access Blocks on the live mobile app. Once App Store is approved, then remove TestFlight version and download from App Store.

Unfortunately, android users have to wait till Play Store approves, unless you want to install the APK version until.
#blkemblocks #blkemblocksbeta #blkem

We remember reporting this racist profile with 109k followers, that specifically targeted Black people on September 9...almost a month later..NO UPDATE. The profile is still up and who ever is behind the profile is still "business as usual".

One of the reasons that this plantation platform continues to thrive is because we rather ignore, continue to use or circumvent these apparent issues than promote zero tolerance and leave it behind.

We have to remember that we are the "resource" that is giving life to the continued display of hatred towards us with no actionable solutions in combating this narrative.

*The ONLY reason our page is still up is to give people a solution, away from the mess. The very minute we don't need to do that anymore, is the day our account will be deactivated...might even be before because we are so tired of the constant digital abuse of Black people.

#blkem #zerotolerancetoracism

Blkem Subscription Statistics

Subscribed members: 44
Active subscriptions: 26

*Blac Premium*

Blac members: 1
Pitch Blac members: 3
Jet Blac members: 1

*Safezone Mobile*

Detroit [SZM] Pilot members: 18

#BlkemBlacPremium #safezonemobile

Blkem Platform Statistics

Users: 14,694
Posts: 223,712
Videos: 2,156

Jan 2023 - 225 users signed up
Feb 2023 - 95 users signed up
Mar 2023 - 81 users signed up
Apr 2023 - 91 users signed up
May 2023 - 105 users signed up
Jun 2023 - 63 users signed up
Jul 2023 - 196 users signed up
Aug 2023 - 171 users signed up
*Sep 2023 - 66 users signed up so far

The amount of users that signed up during the past months, where are they? There should be more timeline engagement.

#blkemstats #blkembroadcast

Mobile App Update

We have pushed some minor updates to the Android and iOS stores and both are pending review. This update was uploaded yesterday but we had found some issues. Now, those issues have been fixed.

Store reviews are faster now that we have been constantly updating so expect these update to be availabe today or over the weekend.

Here's what to expect:

[Update] Added [E] text on an edited blurt

[Update] Auto-scroll up when home icon is clicked

[Update] Added verified badge for users in "Reply to blurt" screen

[Fixed] Edit comment issue

[Fixed] Incognito mode issue shows user online when blurt is reblurted

[Fixed] Quick blurt edited issue

[Fixed] Emoji line height issue that creates extra vertical space in blurt text

[Fixed] Reblurt username bypasses the border

[Fixed] Hashtags and mentions not showing on same horizontal line as normal blurt text

[Fixed] Adding a vertical space before a hashtag or mention

[Fixed] Images in a text-only blurt still shows on timeline when reblurted

[Fixed] Error when adding credit card in settings

#blkembroadcast #blkemmobileapp

***Android App Update

We have pushed another update for both Android and iOS..unfortunately, we have found some issues, after pushing to the stores.

Android new version is currently live in the Play Store...iOS is not.

***DO NOT*** update to the new app version in the Play Store until we fix the issues and re-upload, as there will be no way to revert to the prior version.

Thank you!


Blkem Blocks

Since we couldn't get many of our cousins to take the extra step to test Blocks Beta and provide feedback and suggestions, we can't just wait and hope to see it we're going to bring Blocks Beta here (in hopes the system don't crash)..on the production app, so cousins can test and provide the feedback and suggestions we have been asking for.

Remember, this is a community and in order for a community to thrive, we have to participate more in things that can grow this community...especially when the support is heavily needed, for an independent platform as us, where it is super difficult to get the support needed because we are Blackcentric.

#blkemblocks #blkembroadcast

Shots fired! ooowee lol It's on our beta app for testing..we'll bring it to live soon so you can use and test

DWL I think it’s updated. I see features that wasn’t here a month ago. Y’all wanna talk about those “blocks” yet ? 🤭🫨

The bird app was dying...but Black people are STILL holding up the foundation.

I can’t believe Twitter is dying right before our eyes's been about 10 months and you STILL haven't got verified? We got it waiting for you in the freezer..just holla.

how you get verified on this shit? I’m lit!

Oh hey @jewjew__ it's been a ya been?

we all cousins! HEY COUSINS🫶🏽

Hmm...9 months ago.. @chaneljanae was locked in on Blkem. And no..we haven't locked you still got about 3 more months to go.

If we locked in, ain’t no switching up 🤞🏽