In response Site Admin to his Publication

"You can't help the people, if you don't love the people"

- MLK Jr.

#blkem #blkemecosystem #neweranation #mlk

When it comes to effective community building, in order to differentiate yourself from the rest, you have to do less talking, more work, and become INNOVATIVE.

We see many Black folks on Twitter, just talking their life away (talking points that have been in discussion decades ago), while W.S. is taking more action, against our community.

We're different!!!

A sneak peak of what we have coming, will be displayed soon. This is the start of the Blkem eco-system.

Collaboration over Competition

#blkem #blkemecosystem #neweranation

In response Site Admin to his Publication

as we are moving working in the background, to bring this idea to life.

We're almost complete with the first step of this ecosystem and we can't wait to share it will you all "VERY" soon.

#blkem #blkemecosystem #neweradmv #neweranation

When we tell people, we are doing the work, we really meant it..but they still doubt.

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen"

Teaser of what's to come...@New_Era_Nation

#blkem #B1 #tupac #blackowned #theactionablenetwork #neweranation

This Sunday December 5th, New Era Richmond will be hosting a #buyblack pop-up cultural market with some dope vendors selling quality cultural goods. Come check us out if you are in the Capital City!!! #rva #richmond #neweranation

Greetings all,

Really do hope everyone is doing well. Engagement have definitely slowed down on the platform, which is understandable but temporary due to our ever progressing developments.

Those who have downloaded the mobile app and also provided feedback, we thank you as it is a great help to ongoing developments.

We are literally working behind the scenes to push out new developments and make the app more convenient for you all.

We are also working with New Era Nation to bring some needed elements, digitally.

Stay tuned!

#blkem #blackfirst #neweranation

In response Site Admin to his Publication

We are under attack and everything we do that supports their agenda, only pushes us further away from progression.??
You're racially ambiguous, so you can blend in with another culture! Know your privilege and stop displaying Black women as your battle buddy! ??
Gravity Roots Progress!?

#blkem #blackman #blackwoman #grp #neweranation

This is work being done in the community!


New Era Nation on the Move! Friday we were in Baltimore building with our people right on Penn and North and today we hit Philly to pay respects to the MOVE movement and got to spread Black Love Black Unity and Black Power on Osage Street once again
. ??

Volunteers in the DMV area..your city needs you!

Making a difference, begins with you!
#neweranation #neweradmv #blkem #B1

Its Almost time for the DMV to get busy!! volunteers are always welcome!????????

It was truly Powerful to see first hand what the New Era Nation are and have been doing in the communities since 2014. Many of the residence were indeed grateful. We felt that is was right to partner with an organization that is FOR the people. Making a difference no matter how small.

We'll be working on some unique features to bring to the platform. Some of the programs that the New Era Nation is utilizing in the communities, we will be bringing those digitally.

Collaboration over Competition.

#neweranationxblkem #blkem #neweranation #B1

We put here supporting the New Era Nation!!

Community-based organization!

#blkem #neweranation #neweranationxblkem

Black Lives Matter was formed to "fight against Police Brutality and White Supremacy!!!"

Want to know where your donations to the BLM foundation are going to? If you're to support a legit organization, please conduct the research to see where your donations are going.

Lack of funds in our community means, lack of resources!!!!!!!!!!!!

This directly affects the BLACK community.

#blkem #neweranation

Ferguson Activists Wants $20M Out Of The $90M Donated To BLM; Who Is The Tides Center? - YouTube

Michael Brown's father and Fer..

The time is NOW, to get involved people. It's the little thing that matters! But..we ARE a big thing! #neweranation #blkem

We are looking for volunteers for our upcoming programming. If you are not in the DMV do not worry. New Era Nation has chapters around the country! and if we arent where you are take the steps to build a chapter. ?? #blackempowermentmovement #blackpowerplay #letsgetorganized

Its time we protect our own and do for self. Yesterday was yet another indicator of that. New Era Elite is our security branch that focuses on keeping our own communities safe. All we got is us... #neweraelite #neweranation #selfdefense #allpowertothepeople

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