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Narcissist parents will:
Always find a way to judge you
Always find a way to control you
Treat you “better” than their other children as far as material things
Destroy your self esteem
Try to live their life through you
Never admit their faults
Are insensitive
Make everything about themselves
Always seeking validation
& hate being judged

They’re literally the most confusing ppl ever😅

Felt like dressing up last night. I'm about to hit town and see whats going on 🔥

Of course, accountability still falls on both sides if that's how they truly are. ADULTS in general need to know how to be an adult and know what they want in life and learn to be honest people, not selfish. cause at the end of the day, our mistakes affect the children the most

karma doing the damn thing again 💯

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I second this ✊🏾

If a yt person gets near you create space. If they’re walking towards you-cross the street. If they park near you-lock your doors 10xs. Don’t go in the same elevator as them. Avoid them at all cost until we get a reprogramming going on. It’s not fair that we are looked at as threats when they are in fact the threat. Unlearn relearn

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That’s a powerful thing. When we all have somewhat of the same mindset, we can be the fuel to some great, that benefits us all.

We are dedicated to positive and influential progression but that can be amplified by individuals such as yourself!

We are Black First!

Today I refused to get on the elevator with a yt woman & it felt great to make her feel like she was a threat to me😇. I knew she felt like a terrorist. & this is what ALL of us need to start doing- make them feel like the threat that they are.

Peace Peace,
I have made my journey to Afrika and I am looking for a community to be apart of that is about advancing the spiritual growth of the black diaspora. If you are located in Tanzania, or know anyone who is located in Tanzania, id like the opportunity to connect. Specifically if you are in the Dar Es Salaam area. Asante sana family

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This platform is genuine genius, Fam. Whatever tech support is working on, have patience everyone, the kinks/ bug issues will be worked out. This forum was obviously composed for US TO COME TOGETHER CREATING SOLUTIONS RATHER THAN RANT ABOUT THE CONTINUING CHALLENGES WE AS A CULTURE GET BOGGLED DOWN WITH. ALL WE HAVE IS EACH OTHER, FAMILY.

We created a Blkem back-up account to see a connection with the disabling of our primary account and this is what we got after a few hours.

Targeted? Yea we think so.

Blkem is working on other projects that will be revealed soon!

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem

If you Love yourself & your people listen to this entire album & share it. Emphasis on “share it” bc it’s time to dismantle death rap & renew our music culture

I need my ppl especially my BROTHAS to understand that we are BUILT LIKE THAT. Start taking your training serious. Yt ppl gotta train YEARS for shxt that we can do in 2 days! You don’t know how strong & powerful you are bc you aren’t TRAINING. God was very intentional when he created US bc he knew folks was going to try it for no reason. & here we are falling for they trap. Stop that!

We cannot change the way crakas treat & view us but we can change the way WE treat & view eachother

Thats why we need to say fuck all that fear shit and step up and show them we arent scared and never will be again. This is our planet and every damn inch of it we created for high vibrational beings, not these goddamn pale skin savages 😈💪🏾✊🏾🔥🔥🔥

You know how painful it is to hear family members who don’t bother NOBODY tell me that they’re scared to leave their houses!?? Meanwhile crackas get to roam this planet Earth with no worry in their bodies??. That shxt is lame as hell. This land don’t even belong to them! They walking around free on land that’s not there’s. That sounds so crazy

Shoutout to_mrdavison on IG. many of us still on them other apps but at least we're still talking that shit 💪🏾 Im gonna post about BLKEM everywhere I go, we need to get this app bigger

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I think many of us are prepared. Just gotta organize with the right ones.

5 Fast Facts about the G.O.A.T.

Stevie Wonder (5 Fast Facts)

With some help from Jamie Moorehead, Team Scenario commemorates the birth of musical great Stevie Wonder, by sharing 5 little known facts about this legendar...

Most “celibate” ppl would fold if the opportunity was in front of them. If you can resist the temptation that’s right in front of you then you can confidently say you’re celibate lol

You can’t expect to attract a solid woman if you’re not even solid

I dont have much to say about the shooting, as nothing they do surprises me anymore. What i will say is street justice must be overrated now cause where tf is it when you need it? We'd be foolish to keep thinking playing along with them is gonna get us anywhere. I vote for war 🤷🏾‍♂️

My patience,I no longer have any. Why don’t they turn this into a RICO case and arrest whoever supplied the gun, armor, and the car…Idc, throw all the mf in prison, under the prison. I’m so fed up. They just can’t leave us alone. 10 innocent lives...I feel so powerless

Sometimes you gotta look a Black man with a white woman dead in his eye so he know where home really is😂. You looking at me so ima look at you back. Then ima keep looking at you since you wanna be sneaky behind whitey lol

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