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This is a blatantly bigoted show of projection. If they can cast the mantle of their sickness onto people of color, particularly a Black person, they can camouflage themselves from the violence when the hunters come.


Want to talk about persecution for being who you are? Want to see what real persecution is? Try being Black in America. These preachers will not talk about that though.


Sometimes the greatest thing you can DO for YOUR PEOPLE is to have the ability to say I did MY PART. If we all just do OUR PART nothing can get in the way. BLACK ACCOUNTABILITY

...weapons have been smuggled into Haiti from the US in shipping containers. Who would send guns to a nation already engulfed in civil war and violence?

What the US has Sown in Haiti they will Reap in Rural and Suburban America https://afromerica.com/afr...

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is the next step, which will include pilot launch, people, locations, equipments, collaborations, legalities etc

This is a game changer for us, for the Black community. This would also require volunteers who understand the magnitude of such system in place…

Previously, we mentioned a little bit about the Blkem Eco-System

The first step to creating such system relies heavily on the “Safety and Security” aspect.

We have the boots on the ground section, and the app feature is 80% complete.

Working on logistics…

Very true! And that shit wasnt even for us, but the "native americans", and i put quotes cause these mfs arent even REAL natives! $5 MEXICANS, thats what these so-called "natives" getting all tha money and all those rights are.

The ideology behind the Civil Rights Movement was for Black America to gain equal rights and opportunities along side whites. This was not then and not now ever going to happen.

Imitating the Oppressor Has Corrupted Black Leadership

Put yourself in the position to be able to tell people NO that's a position of power the more NO's you give the more people will value and seek your YES'S.

Mobile app update:

Android app is live in the Play Store.

See the what's new section on Play Store to see what's been updated

iOS to be uploaded to App Store soon!

Thank you all for your patience
#blkem #blkemupdate

this is a title we have worn our whole existence tried and true. So even though we ask for better condition we have never needed better condition to thrive.

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Evangelicals see social justice movements as a threat to the order of capitalist America and the white man’s land of milk and honey they believe God gave to them for being His children, which is a lie.

Why Evangelicals Hate Social Justice Movements https://foundationgospel.c...

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I love me some Beautiful natural hair. I understand not all black women feel the same but still, why some black women are so afraid or even look down on natural will forever baffle me. Ive heard my own mama crack mean jokes about it and its crazy cause its our original hair

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It would. Before segregation we had our OWN schools and taught OUR history. Once they started being "inclusive" that's when the brainwashing really started. Your oppressors will never tell you the truth about you. You are the You-niverse, everything is Eye and Eye AM everything 👁

In Van's most recent guest spot, he chats with the 'Speak Now, Hold Your Peace' podcast about whether segregation would benefit Black students. #thatsthescenario #GuestSpotSummer


Speak Now Hold Your Peace 055 – Should Schools Be “Officially” Segregated?

Should schools be segregated again? Are we as African Americans better off teaching our own youth? Some say yes, some say we would be even further behind. ...

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I love my people and I will always support black owned businesses...but I simply cannot agree with selling a trucker hat for over $300....

Being alone with your thoughts really is the best thing. Ppl can call you lonely all they want but to be able to think things through and piece together shit is a great way of making sure you know where you stand in the world and in ppls lives. The message becomes loud and clear💯

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Please take a moment to support #amateurboxing in #Arkansas . The photo shows how to use #amazon to make a donation to a charity whenever you make a purchase.

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