The people of this country might as well accept that Democracy is already dead at the hands of media corporations like this.

The Washington Post is Killing Democracy With its Own Darkness

Paid for by the wealthy behind their agenda to create a world of hopelessness and desperation

The News Media is Intensifying Racism, Fear, Political Division and War

...this new movement of Christ-denouncing Christians have added a new demonic force to this country.

Regardless of all the media negativity about Blacks in America and the persecution we face, the Black population has made gains and advancements in many areas and are adapting well to changing social trends.

People are seeking jobs every day. Some confess they have put in 100s of applications and never hear back. The real reasons they do not get jobs are never published in public

How Corporations Have Shut Out Workers and then Cry About a Labor Shortage

The enemy is not one another, but the wealthy who seeks to oppress. “For the love of money is the root of all evil:” 1 Timothy 6:10.

The Plan of the Wealthy is a Feudal Society: Control, Misery, and Death

They have not learned and probably never will until they are extinct...Make no mistake, this was not only a grossly negligent red-state political malfunction, but a well calculated act of environmental racism; to target a majority Black city and leave them waterless.

The world can plainly see the evil happening to Black men in America, but evangelical preachers would just as well justify these assassinations using the word of God.

In A Christian Nation, Police are Ministers of God who Murder Black Men

We will help you own a home, but we reserve the right to be racist on the job; and we will forgive your student loans, but once we give you a criminal record, you cannot have a loan.

When Racism and Social Justice Collide: A Critical Race Theory

This is why they name-call, legislate bigotry, kill innocent and unarmed people, imprison, punish, burden, deprive and indenture as many people as they can.

The Adolescence of white Intellect and Social Development

Purchase and collect books by Black authors; American history books and history books from other countries. Read spiritual text that teach the concept of truth and what is right and wrong

How to Maintain Sanity and Truth in a Land of Legal Lies

This country is on its way to a darker area of hell if they do not indict and imprison this man.

To Hell with the MAGA base. Do Your DOJ Job!

Jealousy and hate is American history. They disrupt and terrorize Black life then, and still doing it now...

No arrests made 6 months after HBCU bomb threats

Want to talk about persecution for being who you are? Want to see what real persecution is? Try being Black in America. These preachers will not talk about that though.


This is a blatantly bigoted show of projection. If they can cast the mantle of their sickness onto people of color, particularly a Black person, they can camouflage themselves from the violence when the hunters come.

They can't protect this guy forever. You reap what you sow. You sow corruption to the flesh, you reap it in return...

...weapons have been smuggled into Haiti from the US in shipping containers. Who would send guns to a nation already engulfed in civil war and violence?

What the US has Sown in Haiti they will Reap in Rural and Suburban America

The ideology behind the Civil Rights Movement was for Black America to gain equal rights and opportunities along side whites. This was not then and not now ever going to happen.

Imitating the Oppressor Has Corrupted Black Leadership

God forbid that anyone should continue in sin simply because they are under grace, if the believer has the Spirit, they need to walk in the Spirit.


The next time someone shouts “Say No to CRT,” show them this.

Sometimes not getting something is a blessing. It opens doors to new opportunities that were not seen or explored before.

Not to say that the Democrats are any better, but this generation of the Republican Party are the most intellectually misguided, crooked and power-hungry people on this God’s earth today.

The Republican Party Should Never Hold Power Again

God Never Blessed America
Some say America has turned their backs on God; No, God has turned His back on America.


Divine justice is at work in this land now, not money or power or historical trends.

The Wealthy Uses the Media to Choose the Government: But They Will Regret This Time

Evangelicals see social justice movements as a threat to the order of capitalist America and the white man’s land of milk and honey they believe God gave to them for being His children, which is a lie.

Why Evangelicals Hate Social Justice Movements https://foundationgospel.c...

This man will soon lose a part of his mind that connects him to humanity, and when that happens, the people of the earth should worry.

A Spiritual Profile of Elon Musk and the Minds of the Wealthy

Procreation is a blessing to humanity but when a nation ignores God’s blessing and undermines the value of life, they can expect the consequences, which is depopulation of that nation.


AFRO CRT - white men in America practiced his own cruel form of bondage and captivity and called it slavery. An act that was never documented in the Bible as being done by any other nation.

How Europeans turned Biblical Servitude into Capitalist Slavery https://foundationgospel.c...

They overturned Roe fellas...get ready for hard core child support laws and Not using a condom. They might ban birth control too.

What has God done for Black America?

Make no mistake; our advancement does not come from the generosity and civility of white folks, far from it, because as we grow, they corrode. So the question should not be, "what has God done for Blacks", but "what has God done to whites."