The Louisiana government and prison system is living a real time fantasy of enslavement of Blacks cloaked through the prison system and supported by the 13th amendment.

Regardless of what conservatives tell the nation, this is not about the “children,” but more about changing the agenda of the country from a color-blind Democracy to a white’s only Republic.

Mentality of the wealthy. They want revenge against pandemic era financial loses, which is why they are currently gouging the public in rent, food cost, gas and their cheap products, i.e., the cost of living.

Instead of simply stepping out of the way of the car, the officer felt it necessary to kill the woman and according to police protocol, killing the woman was an acceptable response.

The ultimate backfire is when their children begin to reject the medieval agenda knowing consciously better than to oppress innocent people for no other reason than hate and greed.

The pressure campaign from trump and his thugs stooped to the level of stereotypical profiling to intimidate these Black women into confessing to something they did not do.

Voting for president is not about choosing the best guy to make your life better, it is and always have been about camouflaging the greed of the wealthy and giving them everything they want at the expense and ignorance of the public.


Divide and conquer has always been the strategy of the oppressor, yet when we actually see it in action, we somehow find pleasure in it.

Unless they have been shot at, no police officer has the right to kill another human being based on their own personal fears.

People do not give a damn about what Amazon earned last quarter. They look at how much they spent on Amazon last week.

The United States has been exposed as a morally bankrupted nation based on flawed political and economic theories that were once admired by the world.

America will go one way or the other; either complete authoritarianism or complete liberalism; but it cannot coexist any longer.

FREE, Like the Gospel should be. Contender teaches you to recognize false prophets and their teachings, how to overcome the evils of the oppression, delusion and doubt, and learn to live in liberty and truth.


Rioting against police brutality is not just a Black thing, it is a human thing that can happen anywhere in the world.

The leaders of this country lack both real intellect and spiritual aptitude so they will never see the flaw in their strategy and purpose to defeat the ultimate force of good.

Giving everyone in the country guns is an idiotic move on the part of lawmakers. This is a blatant admission to their incompetence.

Allowing the Public to Police themselves is the Dumbest Political Policy Ever viaNuLife Daily

This is the slow takedown of free speech and the constitutional right to a peaceable assembly; and the result of an offended white boy who cannot handle the fact that Black protesters have the nerve to stand up against police brutality.

The key to not becoming a victim of projection or gaslighting is to have a profound understanding of what is true and an unrelenting stand of what you believe.

Why Is There No Drug for Hate and Racism?

The only drug humanity has found to be effective enough to curb or improve any emotionally embedded senses such as honesty, courage, or other emotional traumas like anger and heartbreak, is alcohol.

The “stand your ground” law is, and always has been an excuse for white folks to kill minorities and get away with it..

America will never get any better while racial discrimination is at its core, or without training, certain laws, and a sense of diversity.

In the APs new series, they have gathered a bulk of information about Black health to proclaim how bad it is, regardless of the fact that most Americans are in the same boat health wise.

This behavior by supposed trusted police officers is no where near heroic, commendable, or law abiding; but has dropped to a level of a demented form of insanity.

As white America continues to normalize modern day lynchings of Black people, Black America must strap up in case they are accosted by demonic forces such as this man.

Daniel Penny says he felt no shame after Murder of Jordan Neely viaNuLife Daily

Aside from the fact that this purchase displays a total waste of resources and a show of arrogance, it reveals that there are people actually interested in this type of celebrity idolatry.

The wealthy and corporations inflate the cost of living in retaliation to having to pay workers more in wages. Meaning, you can work hard all your life and still risk poverty.

Creating More Jobs does not bring Down the Cost of Living viaNuLife Daily

Racist white people do not look supreme or intelligent in their behavior; they look like fools who lack the basic understanding of humanity and social development.

American Racism is a Badge of Honor Worn by the Bottom of Humanity viaNuLife Daily

Not only is the governor of Florida delusional in his perception of justice, but he has gone down the rabbit hole of violent extremism. Support of a blatant murderer reveal signs of a narcissistic state of mind that champions cruelty and violence over the right to life.

The object is to overturn the concepts of a fair system of governing that represents the people and turn it to their favor in terms of oligarchy, riches and wealth; all over the world, in every country; Even if it means WWIII. This is where the New World Order will come into play.

No person would have naturally reacted the way this man did.

Charges in NYC chokehold death may hinge on ‘reasonableness’ viaNuLife Daily