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Cut the check! Reparations Black first This judge wanted Caden to do more damage. That's why she let the little shit walk.

MoT #265 Caden Smith Kills 3 Black People, Judge Releases Him - YouTube

Last year Caden Smith killed three black people. He was only 16, but already he was a drug-dealer, gun runner and now a murderer. Police found the murder wea... China gave an excellent analogy.

China Anne McClain Gives Warning About The Evil Entertainment Industry - YouTube

Cash App$watchmanreportsMEMBERSHIP LINK: Donate: Pagans started everything. Even birthdays wouldn't be the same without the pagan tradition of lighting a candle on a cake. If you got rid of all the things that were originally pagan, traditional celebrations would be unrecognizable.

Pagan Origins of Christmas & Tradition History - Full Documentary - YouTube

Many traditional elements of Christmas pre-date Christianity. In other words, Christmas was pagan before it was adopted (and renamed) by Christians. The Cath... The white privilege is real out here.

WHlTE man steals $5,000 worth of stuff in BIack Friday raid & walks out unchallenged - YouTube

Cash App$watchmanreportsMEMBERSHIP LINK: Donate: This Brad wants to be so macho, why didn't he take his butt to the house where this young teen was visiting and speak to an adult? This is what they do when they try to pick on the more vulnerable person. What Billy Bob did was illegal, it's classified as invasion of privacy and harrassment. And by the sound of this young man's voice, he was suffering from a respiratory problem that needed some fresh air. Civil charges need to be his recourse.

Male-Karen Accosts Young Man For Being Black And Outside - YouTube

Cash App$watchmanreportsMEMBERSHIP LINK: Donate: And he said unto Avram, Know of a surety that your seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. BERE'SHIYTH (GENESIS) 15:13-14 את CEPHER

Police chief fired after alleged tape of him boasting of kiIIing 13 "I SH0T that n***** 119 times" - YouTube

Cash App$watchmanreportsMEMBERSHIP LINK: Donate: Self hatred is becoming worse and worse and it's a shame.

Black Woman Doesn’t Want to Give Child a Black Doll But Prefers The WHlTE Doll Instead - YouTube

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MoT #264 Rebuttal To Stephen Smith's Podcast Defending Jerry Jones - YouTube

Stephen Smith claims that he's not defending Jerry Jones, and then went on his podcast and proceeded to defend Jerry Jones! I'm going to knock down a number ...

The Woman King: Some Observations For Our Consideration - YouTube

Baltimore, Maryland Muhammad Mosque No. 6 Sunday September 25, 2002

MoT #261 Putting A Stop To Us Being The Whipping Boy - YouTube

This last week we've seen selective outrage about people being seen with Kanye West but not so much outrage about people being seen with Nick Fuentes, one of...

Tariq Nasheed: Why Is Kanye Aligning With the Alt-Right? - YouTube

CashApp $Kingflex818Get the new ARUTISUSE holiday sweaters at Reparations Rally T-shirts at http://rally4reparations.comGet the new FBA ...

Billion Dollar Grooming Media Movement @The Black Authority ​ - YouTube

11-27-2022:They're after your kids and saying exactly what they want. TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp: $TheBlackChannelor ...

Jerry Jones Photo Scandal Reveals Old Negroes True Colors - YouTube

A photo of notorious racist NFL franchise owner Jerry Jones from 1957 reveals he's been an anti-black racist all his life -no surprise there. Sadly there's a...

Dr. Cress Welsing for deciphering symbolism in the System of Racism White Supremacy

You are Responsible, and Accountable for your actions - YouTube

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Dr. Khalid Muhammad - Debate on The Origin Of Jesus (1991) | SHORT VERSION - YouTube

NOI produced debate with attorney A. Morgan Bryan, Jr. and Khalid Muhammad on the Origin of Jesus. Filmed in New Orleans LA. Tape cuts off at 2 hour mark (...

Handling The Targeting of Blackness @The Black Authority ​ - YouTube

11-26-2022: We examine the campaign to target Blackness and how to handle it. TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp: $TheBlackCh...

Rally 4 Reparations -Official Film - YouTube

Tariq Nasheed presents the Rally 4 Reparations.. The historic event that happened on Nov. 5th 2022 in Washington DC.CashApp $Kingflex818 Reparations Rally T-... Church is in your heart; not in a building.

Notre Dame Fire - The Unseen Truth Behind The Blaze - YouTube

Patreon Support - THIS CHANNEL: Remember family: power is taken, not given. Black first or B1.

White Supremacy's Crisis Of Confidence - YouTube

The uprisings have exposed the lie of the US as a democracy or harmonious, or respecting human rights. But more than that the world sees that white supremacy... This is the day of mourning for native Americans and us descendants of ancient children of Israel. Our ancestors were mistreated, fed scraps from pigs and who knows whatever else happened.

Why are people still celebrating Thanksgiving day? - YouTube



The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel & Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan issues a health warning to the Black Community about Thanksgiving, aka ThanksKILLING. MILLIO...

Why You Shouldn’t Date Outside Your Spiritual Belief System! - YouTube

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A PREACHER WHIPS GROWN MEN DURING SERVICE 🤦🏿‍♂️🙏🏿📖 MUST WATCH ‼️#church #spirtuality #woke - YouTube

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MoT #258 Kyrie Irving's Army Takes New York - YouTube

When Kyrie Irving said an "army" had his back people like Shannon Sharpe asked "Well, where are they?" This week they showed up in New York by the hundreds. ...

Tariq Nasheed: The Intersectionality Hustle - YouTube

REVEALED! PAGAN origins of Thanksgiving Pt. 1 | Christian Holidays - YouTube

For a holiday that didn’t become official until 1941, US Thanksgiving has ancient Mediterranean roots that go back to the days that the Nephilim walked the e... They know we're ready to fight, fight we shall. We have no choice.

Rac!st Billboard Stirring the Pot - A full EXPOSE of a Reprobate Heart - YouTube

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