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Cut the check! Reparations Black first

Tariq Nasheed: Tethering FBA Music - YouTube

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Showing Us What "The Culture" Ain't - YouTube

This late-edition of the Sunday Address tackles how these obsolete bootlicks are trying to declare themselves the authority on "the culture." And what a surp...

MoT #196 "Capitol" Crimes Resulting In Lowercase Sentences - YouTube

The Capitol Insurrection has created a big problem for white power: how do you punish the recipients of racial privilege while maintaining their immunity fro...

MoT #197 The Power Of Persistence - YouTube

As we free our minds from the failed patterns of the last 3 generations we have to dedicate ourselves to the one force that conquers all: persistence.CashApp...

MoT #198 Beware Black Celebs Imitating Bottom-Feeders - YouTube

Black celebs have a fetish for the dominant society. And they want us to imitate their self-debasing ways. If we do, soon we'll be copying and validating ant...

Demi Lovato Switches Back To She/Her Pronouns After Declaring Herself Non-Binary - YouTube

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Obedience Vs. Disobedience - YouTube

In this video we will be talking about what is obedience and disobedience and how you can obey YAH's word.

Tariq Nasheed: Disrespectful Tethers - YouTube

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Tariq Nasheed: New Energy - YouTube

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Why Elizabeth Warren Can't Get The Black Vote - YouTube

Blacks are the base on the Democratic party and Elizabeth Warren has no black support in South Carolina. She's learning the hard way, No Tangibles, No Vote!

Tariq Nasheed Talks About The Gilroy Mass Shooting - YouTube

Get tickets to see the highly anticipated film Hidden Colors 5, coming to theaters nationwide on Aug. 1st 2019 http://hiddencolorsfilm.comSupport the #Tangib...

Why The ADOS Movement Was Always A Democrat Front - YouTube

Would you let someone who can't handle a contract for a documentary handle a 20 trillion-plus dollar reparations claim? Some of our people are so simple-mind...

Tariq Nasheed: "Adapt" - YouTube

Tariq Nasheed: Cuckold, Humiliation Fetishes - YouTube

Why Black Empowerment Must Stay In The Shadows - YouTube

How the white media is treating the incident in New Jersey reinforces why it's dangerous for us to pursue white media attention. Sun-Tzu said in order to be ...

Tariq Nasheed: Review Of "The Help" - YouTube

Exposing The Congressional Black Caucus -Why They Never Do Anything For Us - YouTube

A reposting of my deep dive into the Congressional Black Caucus membership to explain why they're so interested in immigration, and totally contemptuous of n...

Beating A Dead Stalking Horse - YouTube

Black empowerment has thrown many of white supremacy's aims into disarray. Btu even so we have to keep the pressure on white powers operatives so they don't ...

Tariq Nasheed: Back From Brazil - YouTube

Tariq Nasheed: Interview With A Former Pimp (Rosebudd Bitterdose) - YouTube

4-18-2020 Free Whites Quarantined Blacks - YouTube

States are beginning to lift the quarantine restrictions except for the ones that target Black people. TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to ...

1-12-2019 The Politics and Commerce of Hate - YouTube

TBA explains how a trip to the store leads to the bank of white power.See our documentary work at our website: Call in at 646...

3-15-2020: Would-Be Barbarians - YouTube

In a time of crisis you see some people resort to bestial behavior. TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our Streamlabs: https://www.streaml...

3-14-2020: Outbreak- Change or Perish - YouTube

What is the coronavirus and what is it's effect on our society? TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our Streamlabs: https://www.streamlabs....

3-16-2015: Madame Noir Attacks Malcolm X and The People - YouTube

The video that forced Madame Noir's website to REMOVE it's smear against Malcolm X.

3-14-2015: The $60 Million Preacher man Hustle - YouTube

Creflo Dollar rolls the BIG dice for a new plane and a caller phones in from the bathroom.