I compose music for the purpose of provoking critical thought and soul nourishment.

This will be available for purchase at midnight tonight. Enjoy!


Make You Mine Produced by AKA NatWay (Original Beatmakers) - YouTube

This is an original beat I composed and available for purchase on 9/22/2022 at 12 midnight. This beat is hip hop and r&b inspired. Thanks for listening!

So this beat here is on my beatstars store. I arranged, mixed and mastered this beat. Shoutout to Rockamill who composed the beat. It's very east coast, very New York and very us. Lol.


About Us Produced by Rockamill and AKA NatWay - YouTube

This video contains a beat I arranged, mixed and mastered. It's also available for purchase at akanatway.beatstars.com

I like the vibe of this one right here.


All This Love Inside Produced by AKA NatWay x Unknown - YouTube

This is a beat I composed the melody for, arranged the beat loop in which I did some chopping here and there, mixed and mastered. I am not sure of the exact ...

My mom passed away one week and two days ago. This is one of my favorite pictures of her and I. She hated the color red. Yet, there we were. Lol. She started to hate the color red due to the prevalence of "gang culture" in NYC. Her favorite color was blue. For those of you who are clueless or who possess just a working-knowledge of the inner-workings regarding funeral arrangements...DO YOUR RESEARCH NOW!!! Children, stress this to your parents and parents stress this to your children. Make sure you have a will drawn up and state within that will who will be appointed as your executor. LET ALL


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Share this song with someone who could use an uplift of spirit. Blessings.


When We Gone Change Audio Video Prod. AKA NatWay x Rockamill - YouTube

Here is the latest track produced by myself and Rockamill. Shoutout to Neila for laying the vocals down! if you like it...please share it. Let's normalize po...

I find this scripture to be the most disturbing.


Are you praying for your enemy??? - YouTube

This video is in response to a text I received from someone who consistently texts me scriptures daily, excluding weekends. I find this scripture to be the m...

Family - And Friend
Welcome to Flight #2022 .
We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your Attitude and Blessings are secured and locked in an upright position. All self-destructive devices should be turned off at this time. All negativity, hurt and discouragement should be put away. Should we lose Altitude under pressure, during the flight, reach up and pull down a Prayer. Prayers will automatically be activated by Faith. Once your Faith is activated you can assist other passengers. There will be NO BAGGAGE allowed on this flight. The Captain (GOD) has cleared us fo

Of course, like every other subject taught by them, it will be backwards and incomplete. Smh.😬🤷🏾

According to Fox news, at least one state is enacting a new law for 2022. Henceforth it is required that high school grads pass a FINANCIAL LITERACY COURSE before graduation.

Whether they know it or not, this new law is RACIST and will eventually benefit the GOP!

First, Black kids have for generations grown up, gotten old and died without ever having to learn a single thing about financial literacy other than how much cash is on hand at the end of the month. To now require them to learn a completely new and foreign concept such as this is to ignore the fact that they have shown no propen

Here is the exclusive access before it is released!! This is the only platform having such priviledge. Lol. Enjoy!


A platnium plaque or two...possibly three, before the end of the year. Speaking and living it into fruition. ????

Yes...yes and yes. Soo on point.???????

In the words of The Black Authority, “appropriation equals replacement”, “don’t let them guilt us from defending what’s ours”.?

When it comes to striking and boycotting, we know how to do that well, but what we fail to do after, is follow through and this is more than likely the reason we still return to our oppression.?

Now that Black content creators have went on strike, what’s the solution? What is it changing? Do let us know!?

Continued in comments..

#blkem #contentcreators #blackcontentcreators


armed Black self defense groups in Tulsa to honor and memorialize Black Wall Street


Hundreds of Black people open carried firearms in formation

- no arrests

- no incidents of police brutality

- no police shooting of Black people

Note: police were polite, understanding and accommodating

We have to switch the conversation from Knowing Black History to Knowing Black Future!!!

If you dont have a Robin Hood mentality you are only Robbing your Hood. # Hunters and Gatherers operate outside the village with Intention of Enriching the village upon their Return. (Big on the Return you must Return back to the village.)

Wow...that is beautiful! I can't wait to make a purchase! ????????

Hi. My name is Natalie and I make jewelry that wows people. A lot of people think that Pandora's charms have real gemstones and are NOT plated, but that's not true. Also, they did not invent that style of bracelets. (The style is known as "European Style Charm Bracelets.") They simply put them on the map by charging outrageous prices for the same charms that I have access to across the pond. When I saw how high they were charging, I wanted to give my people a better alternative. Check out my Facebook business page or take a look at the bracelets below!



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Greetings all,

Really do hope everyone is doing well. Engagement have definitely slowed down on the platform, which is understandable but temporary due to our ever progressing developments.

Those who have downloaded the mobile app and also provided feedback, we thank you as it is a great help to ongoing developments.

We are literally working behind the scenes to push out new developments and make the app more convenient for you all.

We are also working with New Era Nation to bring some needed elements, digitally.

Stay tuned!

#blkem #blackfirst #neweranation

colonized people are systematically brainwashed

to believe colonizers have legitimate authority

Had writer's block earlier...now I'm on a roll. The thing is...I changed the concept of the song three times. I hope this third time is the charm. ???

This is indeed true..many do claim to want to support but continue not to. Either it's not popular or it's lacking elements that non-black individuals have. We have to break this habit if we are to expect some real wins.

We have to push that "want" to find Black Owned products and/or services to utilize and even if they don't have it, why not establish it, individually or as a whole.

Let's break this mindset where we can atleast GROW and stabilize our foundation.

#blkem #verifiedgames #buyblack #blackowned #funnight