Tomedian Whitmore


Opportunity Engineering Specialist/Resource Management Strategist

Show love to your people often and publicly so outsider have to calculate the hell you are willing to raise behind them.

Crazy thing about Life is that if this culture we have is failing us we can as always rebuild another one that serves us. Traditions don't have an Age they have a Reputation.

How mind-blowing is it that US as a people of a difficult past will let something as simple as a different Opinion separate us from our family and peers. Businesses don't crumble at a board meeting when they don't agree. Arguments should be a solution finding tool. That's It

I AM will always conquer a YOU ARE in the life of a SELF AWARE INDIVIDUAL.

There is a big difference between GETTING what you want and GETTING TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. You can get what you want and still be no where close to where you WANT TO BE. KEYWORD is BE.

Fleas don't die with the dog. Take inventory of the people in your life.

Sometimes the greatest thing you can DO for YOUR PEOPLE is to have the ability to say I did MY PART. If we all just do OUR PART nothing can get in the way. BLACK ACCOUNTABILITY

Put yourself in the position to be able to tell people NO that's a position of power the more NO's you give the more people will value and seek your YES'S.

We don't have to be the face all the time let's be the MUSCLE meaning nothing moves without US moving it.

Be watchful of people who think that you crossed them just because you moved ahead of them

this is a title we have worn our whole existence tried and true. So even though we ask for better condition we have never needed better condition to thrive.

We have to move with the same courage our elders moved with. Trust me if somebody trying to make you uncomfortable it's only because they are uncomfortable around you and your energy. If you don't break they will. # Big energy takes little energy

We can't let the civil rights movement be our last great accomplishment on our books. They will gladly celebrate our old accomplishments if that keeps us from making new ones.

To know who got your back your going to have to turn your back towards them. What's worth having must be tested!

Sometimes the best way to sell people something is to act like you don't want them to have it.

Ship are designed to transport people or things so your relationShips, friendShips or kinShips should be taking you somewhere or bringing you something.

the better them than me attitude is cool until you become the Them and nobody comes to your rescue

Sometimes you got to back BLACK just because they Black and that alone.

True wisdom is knowing that it is more important to know where the finish line is even before you find the start line.

As long as we see their PATH as our PATH we will wait at the back of the line. We are more closer to our paradise then they are to theirs. Just because we are on the the same road (life) doesn't mean we have the same destination.

We win this game through longevity and durability out last your opponent. Ants, Mosquitoes, Roaches and flies are not the fastest, smartest or strongest yet they have earned the title PEST because we can't get rid of them.

Reverse engineer what you was taught about business you don't sell to people what you are passionate about you sell to them what they are passionate about. When feelings match opportunity it's much easier to capitalize.

Judging and stereotyping people is a survival mechanism from our nature do not allow society to teach you to override this system you must learn to manage it this is life everything is a threat until you can establish when it is not.

Puppet Masters don't pick sides they understand that the things that divide us gets all the attention and energy so why would they take 50% of something when they could go home with a 100% just by capitalizing off the DIVIDE.

Life has inflation you can suffer now or suffer later just know that later it will cost more. Make the hard decisions now so that harder decisions will become more easier to make. ¢Mind Conditioning¢

Don't push your people out on cloudy days and then complain when they come back wet.