Tomedian Whitmore


Opportunity Engineering Specialist/Resource Management Strategist

We win this game through longevity and durability out last your opponent. Ants, Mosquitoes, Roaches and flies are not the fastest, smartest or strongest yet they have earned the title PEST because we can't get rid of them.

Reverse engineer what you was taught about business you don't sell to people what you are passionate about you sell to them what they are passionate about. When feelings match opportunity it's much easier to capitalize.

Judging and stereotyping people is a survival mechanism from our nature do not allow society to teach you to override this system you must learn to manage it this is life everything is a threat until you can establish when it is not.

Puppet Masters don't pick sides they understand that the things that divide us gets all the attention and energy so why would they take 50% of something when they could go home with a 100% just by capitalizing off the DIVIDE.

Life has inflation you can suffer now or suffer later just know that later it will cost more. Make the hard decisions now so that harder decisions will become more easier to make. ¢Mind Conditioning¢

Don't push your people out on cloudy days and then complain when they come back wet.

Character is built through continuously doing the THANKLESS jobs and tasks because you know they need to be done and that alone.

You either have to HAVE something someone wants or need OR have the ability to MAKE them THINK they want or need what you HAVE.

Imagine the power we would have as a people if we mentally came out of the money measurement system and establish our own human value system how the world would flock to seek out our approval. The Black Stamp of Approval has built brands and families all around the world.

Becoming comfortable with the Hard times will allow you to be able to find the light in your Darkest moments.

The understanding -Life is perfect as is. We are not here to change life /Life is here to change us. You build your body by using resistance/why would you think building your mind and spirit is a different process?

Just like when you buy a product the user manual is usually with the equipment so as in life so stop looking outside yourself for the instructions that came in the package with you. The bird doesn't ask the tree how to fly.

I am learning to understand that sometimes the Pain is the Path. Paradise is located on the backside of Hell. When we learn to see the beauty through it all that's when we reach Bliss.

One of life's biggest secrets is that the Journey happens on the outside but destination you seek is on the Inside.

The crew don't pick the Captain! The Captain picks the Crew. The choice is yours.

The truth is a tool but so is a fantasy the key is to find the right time and place to use each tool.

Alot of people like to stand on what they have DONE instead of who they ARE. Even a Wolf has plenty of soft spots once you get past it's teeth.

You don't chop a tree down in the winter because it lost it's leaves and you shouldn't bury a human just because they have fallen down.

No matter how high a eagle soars it most return to the land or sea to eat. Moral of the story - those that are the highest up go to the lowest depths sometimes to eat.

They say a closed mouth doesn't get fed nor does a closed mind.

When really enjoy something to the fullest the less of it you need. Greed is a symptom of the unfulfilled.

This will probably sit sideways. But I believe that a NEED or to be NEEDED has a stronger response from humans than what it is to be Loved. You can have a long distance LOVE but how far can you separate yourself from what you NEED.

We don't have successful communities because we stop having successful families. The cart don't pull the horse.

Understanding will have you trying to bring back what has never been.

Showing a person or thing too much Respect is just as dangerous as not Respecting it at all.

A Kingdom is only as strong as those who Defend it. LIFE is still on the old rules no matter what it may look like. If it wasn't the case zebras would have voted the lions out of AFRICA a long time ago

In a life that's always changing the minute you catch up you already behind again. Only way to get ahead is to create the next change.

When you find yourself you learn everybody else's Hiding Places.