So, I thought the Guard was supposed to be STOPPING the flow of illegals, but now they are just assisting Border Patrol bring them across and dying in the process?

Just a little greeting for those of you who hate Donald Trump more than you love America

I have a request from a young lady for a business plan for a "Balloon and yard sale" business.
I'm not sure I can write one for something THAT small, so If anyone knows a source I can point her to I would appreciate it.

Its as clear as day. The Western world leaders will sit on their hands until Putin grows so confident that he AND CHINA will soon strike out to conquer the rest of the world piece by piece.
"As long as they're not coming for me" will be the battle cry of the free nations until indeed they DO come for them.

Just as it happened in WWII, the United States especially will sit by and keep our fingers crossed for fear that the bear and the panda will notice US, and by the time they do notice us and threaten us directly, the price of intervention will be multiple times greater than the costs if w

Bad Moon Rising - YouTube

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Why is everyone dumping on the security guard at the Museum Of Modern Art, claiming he should have done more to protect the victims who were stabbed by a disgruntled member?

Give the guy a break already!
Sure, he ducked and dodged, bobbed and weaved like he was in a boxing match with Mike Tyson, but he DID point his walkie talkie at the perp the whole time.

Maybe because she wasn't that big a story in the first place?
I never heard of her until this week

I wonder why it is that Biden would rather buy oil and natural gas from Russia, Venezuela, Iran and Saudi Arabia than from Oklahoma, Texas, Alaska and Colorado.

With Russian bombs falling all over Ukraine, I think it is clear now just how afraid of Joe Biden is Vladimir Putin.

I sure as hell hope the USA is not sucked into a shooting war with Russia. I shudder to think of our present military commanders trying to deal with Russia right now.

Donald Trump recently said Putin's strategy has been BRILLIANT and the media, pundits and politicians have been on his (Trump's) ass like white on rice.

So let this sink in:
* Putin is about to effortlessly add another country to its portfolio
* Putin has targeted military, communications and government

I wonder if the teachers that teach Critical Race Theory will include the fact that slavery could never have happened the way it did were it not for the fact that every slave that came to America was FIRST captured by people who looked like them, then sold to people who didn't.

Some muserations from Friday that I did not have time to post:

1. When Joe Biden says "I'm not supposed to take questions...". or "They have instructed me to call on ...", or "I'm gonna get in trouble" to whom is he referring? Who gives orders to the president of the United States?

2. Although I support the Canadian truckers' Freedom Movement, I don't understand why they have to go to the capitol and block the traffic. Can't they just go home and park their trucks? That would shut down the entire country. Or is that the reason?

There are statues of George Floyd in several cities aroun

Regarding CRT:
I got nothing against teaching history.
I DO have a problem when that history is taught from the perspective of race hustlers, poverty pimps and perpetual victimhood

Does anyone remember when President Trump referred to one of his senior advisors (who is Black ) as MY BOY?

So, I'm walking down through the lingere` section (just passing through, don'tcha know?) at Walmart, and a young lady looked at the cap I wore which carried a representation of an image I created (see picture) and sneered "Y'all Trump lovers just can't git over it, can you? The guy lost, bruh. Deal with it and move on".
I felt so sorry for her that I almost told her that her parents should sue the school system.
So young and cute to be suffering the effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Donald Trump responded to COVID with WARP SPEED.
Joe Biden's response to Covid is just WARPED.

To my dear friends, relatives and others, IT IS MY OPINION that CRITICAL RACE THEORY teaches Whites that they are oppressors and the reason for the ills in the world and teaches Blacks that you are oppressed from birth and do not, cannot succeed in this country because you are Black and systematically oppressed.

If you believe this or anything close to it, whether you are Black or White, then the reason you Whites feel shame, guilt (or somewhat superior), or you Blacks feel upset, angry, unsuccessful or inferior because of this theory, the REAL reason is that you're just plain stupid.

To all my friends, enemies, relatives and colleagues who lived through my pro America taunts over the four Trump years (the best years we've had in half a century) and who are now turning the tables and having to do the same thing by touting all the grand accomplishments of the Biden administration, I bow to your victory and may I leave you with this heartfelt sentiment from my heart to yours:

I remember seeing a post a while back where some guy asked what America would be like without White people.
I've given that a lot of thought and now I'm finally ready to offer an opinion.

If you want to find out what America would be like without White people, imagine where you would have to buy most of the things you buy, the homes or apartments you live in, the paycheck you receive from your employer or how the Social Security system would pay you,
where you would get the gas to power your car, the electricity to heat your home, and the list goes on, *OR* you just look at ANY city or

According to Fox news, at least one state is enacting a new law for 2022. Henceforth it is required that high school grads pass a FINANCIAL LITERACY COURSE before graduation.

Whether they know it or not, this new law is RACIST and will eventually benefit the GOP!

First, Black kids have for generations grown up, gotten old and died without ever having to learn a single thing about financial literacy other than how much cash is on hand at the end of the month. To now require them to learn a completely new and foreign concept such as this is to ignore the fact that they have shown no propen
Since the present vaccine is not effective against the South Africa strain, lets hope the president can goose the system so it can produce another vaccine to fight THIS variant.
You know, like TRUMP DID?

The World Health Organization has detected a new, more virulent variation of the Corona Virus in South Africa.
Let's see. When this happened under Trump he
1. Banned travelers from affected countries
2. Directed the FDA to remove bureaucratic roadblocks to development of anti virus vaccines
3. Had four effective vaccines on the market within 8 months.

Now, let's see what Joe Biden will do.

The city of Philadelphia reached the incredible milestone f FIVE HUNDRED HOMICIDES THIS YEAR!
The good news is that Donald Trump is not sending mean tweets