unchained tiger


We can suffer or we can rule. Warrior for #justice #decolonize #cannabis #sovereignty. I use to sleepwalk through Life but I'm AWAKE now

"our liberation will not be the result of good will or moral suasion" #quote

Live your sovereignty

Assert your sovereignty

Defend your sovereignty

Recognition will follow

colonizers are walking vectors for wetiko

the mind virus that distorts reality

and corrupts reason

"language is an organ of perception

not merely a means of communication" #quotes

"This is a savage empire built upon genocide and slavery" #quotes

Dahr Jamail

wetiko is an evil cannibalistic spirit

that can take over people's minds,

leading to selfishness, insatiable greed

name one place

on this planet

where colonizers travelled to

and they chose

to peacefully coexisted

with the local people

"the earth is littered with the ruins

of empires and civilizations

that once believed they were eternal" #quotes

"Colonial violence will never end if we don't make it stop"


Kendall Rae Johnson at just 6 years old has become the youngest certified farmer in the state of Georgia. #blackowned

"I hate the idea of judges and lawyers.

Justice should be a community based decision." #quotes

"Between an uncontrolled escalation and passivity,

there is a demanding road of responsibility

that we must follow." #quote