Y’all what’s some good movies to watch on Netflix or something? Comedy, Romance, Horror.

I’ll take any suggestions

Merry Christmas!! 🎄hope y’all enjoy y’all selves and your family!

Can’t believe Christmas is Monday, it don’t really feel like it


I’ve had such a beautiful Sunday. My souls content 😊

I saw Kiana lede in concert yesterday, and she was so good!

Detroit cousins @spencesjoy @NOATruthseeker @Xtina ...saw this on the plantation platform.

"My aunt’s been missing for two days in Detroit, so if anyone is in the city please keep an eye out."

#blkem #blackandmissing #neweradetroit

Good morning & happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here

if anyone could help me get lunch or dinner today I’d greatly appreciate it! I used the donated money to get a uhaul and storage unit. now I just have to survive until I find a place to call home 🫶🏾 thank you for your support

Afro a little crazy😭but

debating if I want to re dye my hair today

Hey Cousins. I am asking you all to just take some time to support and rally around someone that is apart of this safe space/community during her time of need. Even if you cannot donate a prayer goes a long way. No donation is too little. 🫶🏾

hope y’all had a good day today! I had a good day seeing my family and friends and I’m a little tipsy rn 😭

hi guys, it’s been awhile! also wanted to say that I graduate college in a few days!