There's contructive criticism and there's blatant hating.
Don't be a blatant hater

Any Black store owners you know that I can get in touch with?

I wish Black doctors could shift to herbal medicine and start their own clinics selling natural medications and informing their patients on how to live long healthy lives.

We restoring Black relationships all 2021! All these Black proposals that went down in 2020 has me AMPED. gone have to update them stats #pronto #WeUP ! African Americans are the least to get married where?!

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Black people are powerful, even after years of trauma from people who hate us just because of our skin.

Yet, we thrive and continue to push on that barrier of white supremacy. One thing we have to realize, is that we have been pushing on a barrier that was created decades, centuries ago.

That barrier have been redefined and it's integrated into the very systems that we utilize. So, we have to change our tactics, we have to change the way we push back, while still incorporating some of our old methods. Adapt and overcome.


Love it

For the longest I wanted to figure out my niche for @blkem and I've decided on showcasing black businesses. Once a month if not twice I will make a purchase from a blackowned business. I think it is important that we support one another and showcase it. Are yall in?