Making all these posts is really showing me how the updates have been moving along. 👀 It’s workin working yall.

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

I'll bring up true stories and reveal to them the scummy side of the bsuienss and explain how my label will be the exact opposite, along with showing them my full plan for the next few years. I'll introduce them to my industry connects and show them its all legit

In response William to his Publication

Has happened to me one too many times. Ego prevents men from showing their vulnerable side until it’s too late

Showing some love to my melanated Tarot decks via YouTube today

Mind you, I chose to drive there on my own. He didn’t tell me to come pick up anything, so I wasn’t expecting anything free out of no one. I just wanted to know when the next time he’d be out there with them good ass drinks lol. But as a Black business that values his customers, he took it upon HIMSELF to compensate me for even showing up & supporting & so ima KEEP supporting🤍

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Having a mother is a blessing, especially one that is constantly in your life showing you the proper and right way to do things. Also takes the time, to do it as well.

A mother that understands nurture.
#blkem #B1

#NBAPlayoffs #MILvsBOS The Milwaukee #BUCKS are showing the WORLD why they are the defending CHAMPS!! If would be GREAT if the Boston #CELTICS could steal ☝🏾 one. Let’s gooo #BostonCeltics 🍀💚🇳🇬Game 3

I’m only geeked about showing my plates bc last year I wasn’t cooking like that at allll lol. I really just started cooking fr & it’s kinda fun

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I really like Grand Crew on nbc/peacock/hulu it’s a black sitcom that steers away from black trauma tropes like not ignoring it but also not centered around it showing the healthiness that exists.

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Only ones who care are other broke folks who aren’t content with their lives. So it’s nothing but unhappy broke ppl showing off to eachother causing their own depression while the rest of us manifesting real joy & happiness

We all aspire to have nice things but what’s your reason behind wanting these things? To show off? or to be an inspiration?

Too many broke ppl on the internet showing off. That’s why depression exist

In response Samantha Sturdivant to her Publication

Actually they've only been showing that Russia is bad. They don't show Ukraine as bad at all. There is a reason and an agenda

we did it! and i do mean we, i wouldn't have got here without donations to my fundraiser.

i just got a donation last night that pushed me to my goal of my fundraiser. and if you've been following me you see my updates showing that i put EVERY fundraising item to good use.

so excited once it's mailed to learn how to use this new equipment and for the quality of my videos, specifically my audio quality. to get better. thank you!!

So long as Black men continue showing up for Black women in a time of need bc that is your duty, y’all will always be One of Gods favorites ✨✨

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