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I forwarded that email to our Baltimore chapter and they will be contacting you soon. DMV stays around the DC area.

@neweradmv Are yall doing anything is baltimore this juneteenth? i emailed but havent heard back

New Era Nation on the Move! Friday we were in Baltimore building with our people right on Penn and North and today we hit Philly to pay respects to the MOVE movement and got to spread Black Love Black Unity and Black Power on Osage Street once again
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There is going to be a screening of the film Buck Breaking in #baltimore this Friday. So the DMV needs to come thru

Next Self Improvement Summit: Wednesday 5th of June 2021

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But i'm saying for the ones that can actually afford to live in these yt middle/ upper class neighborhoods. Why arent those being gentrified the same way our hoods get gentrified by middle yt classmen. We love to migrate to common "black" areas instead of just making these yt areas black. yt ppl will literally migrate to baltimore and DC and turn it yt. Thats power....& smart

Good Morning!!

If anyone of our users are in the Dallas, TX area, the New Era Nation is starting their 2021 tour in that city. We'll be out there to support them, as we told you..we are bringing sociability with actionability!

March 20th, 12:00 noon Meet us here ?? 2826 Elsie Faye Heggins St, Dallas, TX 75215?? @ Lincoln High For The Kick Off Of The New Era Nation Tour

Remember, we wouldn't be able to remove barriers, if we continue to sit, idle. We have to be the change.

@New_Era_Baltimore @newerarva @NewEraDMV

#blkem #blkemstrong

im super excited about this new direction baltimore is taking!!

#TOPIC : Why Are So Many Men Lost | The PRACTITIONER Interacts #DomGame by C Boogie

?? for #HangOut

#DomGameDivision #DGD #CBoogieProductions #SelfImprovement

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? Twitter:CBoogieProduct1

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