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I have personal codified devotion to my history, culture, and my people. So I speak truth to power.

My latest commentary.

Mercedes Varnado: Know Your Worth:

Mercedes Varnado: Know Your Worth - YouTube

Giving my personal 2 cents on Mercedes Varnado. But mainly, this is a reminder message towards my Foundational Black Americans nationwide.#mercedesvarnado #s...

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#MalcolmX said that all Black people should be trained in #Karate and #Judo to defend ourselves. What measures do you take to defend yourselves and your people. This is not a challenge, I'm just curious what skill sets we have here. For me #boxing and #BrazilianJujitsu #BJJ

Even in world of professional wrestling, Anti-Black Racism within the workplace is never okay.

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Whats good everyone. I'm new to blkem. Im always here to support black businesses in the social media market.