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when you dealing w me please please please…always assume love. that’s where I come from. every time.✨

these are all great ideas. I also wanted to combine voice notes + blocks (chat rooms) to have a Blkem version of ‘Love Is Blind’; tarot readings; live music sessions; therapy block; women’s block; men’s block; gender-non block; local cities; “let’s talk about nothing” block

take extra note of what’s in the background…

I’m a 80’s baby for real😂

when y’all burst and you by yourself, y’all say “excuse me”?

✨💫my prayer is everybody wins…

Just finished filming an interview last night, got offered a gig as a DP, someone else asked me to be their AD, and someone wants me to be their videographer for their open mic events. Next year will be busy 💙🙏🏽

@ me next time cousin. you ain’t got to let me see it on the TL for myself 😂😂

it depends on whatever mood I wake up in…could be sugar and butter or salt pepper and butter✨💫

Good Morning to everyone who knows sugar does NOT go on grits 😌

thiiiiissss cousin. there’s always room for perspective and conversation. we don’t have to agree I can respect you where you stand.

I don’t throw my beliefs and values on other people, just like I don’t want the same done to me.
Live your life and cherish your beliefs and let me treasure mine. 💯
People gotta realize you don’t have to always agree on things just to co-exist.


now undoubtedly somebody gonna say cheese and sugar don’t go together…they are uncultured.

sugar, milk, and cheese👀

you can preach to some one to put their health b4 work all day but taking care of yourself is a luxury at this point. every one doesn’t have the luxury of stopping when their body needs to. some ppl have to push themselves beyond their limits or be homeless,car-less, and starving

sometimes prayers are answered through other people. let people help you. 🙏🏽



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this is a powerful point of view. never looked at this from this angle. I see you.

Someone is dead by suicide. The last thing the family wanna hear is some mental health talks. It's NOT your moment to let the whole world know how much u care about mental health by using their death as a case study. Just say your condolences and move on.


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how is that lack of respect tho cousin? death is SUPPOSED to cause us to stop and look at life…. not tryna argue, I genuinely want your take

In response Rufus Chris to his Publication

you wanna talk about mental health? DON'T do it when someone is dead. show some respect!

I get why you saying that…but same time don’t lump everyone in together. some of us, especially those that care about ppl in general, actually mean it. I definitely do. I can’t speak for everyone

all these mental health talks are just for clicks and attention cus in reality y'all ain't about none of that so stfu🤧😅

It's important for black men to know that it's okay to cry, break down, have feelings, and talk to people about your issues. If anyone needs an ear, and I mean ONLY an ear (I won't say a word, I'll listen), I don't mind listening at all. ❤️ I'll hold all your stuff. #RIPTwitch

If today's news of #RIPTwitch hasn't reinforced anything for you, it should've at LEAST reaffirmed the REALITY of this fact:


Tap into ppl's heart, mind, & soul ENERGY...that's the ONLY thing that's REALLY REAL in this matrix. 💔

@blkem Unc Dave I know you busy. ppl Re blurts don’t show in my timeline when they Reblurt what I said. I gotta go they profile and look for the blurt to see what they said. iss annoying Unc.

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FACTS!!!! Tomorrow is a concept not a fact… meaning it may never arrive. Retire… enjoy your last days on earth. walk on the beach, enjoy the sun. plan plan plan

JJ Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie cleanse king

I lost like 14 lbs in a week and felt great. Do that before you start the workout program

suicide sucks. the worst part is the people who do it are one phone call away from being saved and the second worst part is everyone left behind wondering “did I miss the signs?”, “could I have helped?”…

my dms ain’t open for hookups, that’s not me. but if y’all ever have questions about Jesus, need prayer, an encouraging word, or just someone to vent to. I got you, hit me up cousins.

if you looking for a sign to NOT take your own life this is it. Somebody values you. Somebody loves you. if you really feel no one does, I’d like to get to know you and I promise you I will. it’s not dark forever, it doesn’t hurt forever, and yes things do eventually work out…❤️✨

I want my results…now🤷🏿‍♂️

my toxic trait: I want to work out today and be skinny by tomorrow. 😤