If you spend more time arguing instead of acting, you too are a part of the problem.

It was a wise man who told me not to argue with fools or spend time in dialogue with people who are committed to misunderstanding me.

Spend your time wisely and protect your energy.

In response Dee Wall to her Publication

✨I'm re-reading The Mis-education of the Negro, by Carter G. Woodson, and it is More relevant to Me today, than the first time I read it, over 20 years ago 💯
It should be required reading for everyone with a Black child

We’re working on some solutions to try and bring back the many folks who was all about using a Black Owned social network, to start using Blkem again. As we have mentioned before, we have over 14k users on here but many choose not be active…and it could be for various reasons but…many are still active in other social platforms that are a haven for racism and discrimination against our community.

So bear with us while we do this and in the meantime, if anyone has some solutions we can utilize to bring back the crowd, please don’t keep it to yourself and let us know.

The more people we have that are active on here can help change the tide in a lot of things…but first…we have to be supportive of a product that can be beneficial to our community.

We will be sending out a few mass emails soon to try and wake up the inactive users, amongst other things.

Note to self: you don't have to be perfect to start, but you do have to start to be perfect.

⭕The "Schedule Block" and "Create Block" buttons are NOT WORKING for Me. Can someone help? @blkem

Am I correct in assuming its 8pm Central Standard Time?

Y’all should verify the time in your area and let’s pull up to support the Blocks.

Black people on X: Elon musk ruined this platform

Me: Umm.....so why are you still using it?

Make it Make Sense!!


Allgoodness to You! This is my first day on Blkem. I'm glad to be here 💯✨