Marquita Bloodworth-Smith


Black woman. Proud. Accomplished.

oooh. I see where it says "newblurt"!! I looove iiiiiit!!!!

Anyway. I wanted to hop on here and ask a trivial question our community seems to be hassling with.

can a person be rpoblacl and date a non Black person?

In my humble opinion, I gracefully say hello no. thoughts?

Hey Blkem Fam! what we up to? it has been a sad week so far with the murders of our people. What say ye? I am heartbroken myself. Innocent lives of my people were taken by a young evil WS. I just am still in shock. ...

May they rest in complete peace and power. Di yall know the security guard that was murdered by that yt boi was working on his invention of a water-powered car? Just a big loss...

Smile.... it just may be what someone needs to make it thru the day.🥰😘😍

Didi you know we had our own coded language about 150 years ago? It was called Tut. It was created to teach each other to read and communicate covertly with each other. A sister by the name of Gloria E. McIlwain wrote a book about this beautiful coded language after researching its rich history and origin. Add it to the list of Black Excellecnce ya'll!!!

look her site up and learn the phonetic pronunciation. Teach it to your loved ones. It's literally ours. If you libate, try giving a shout-out to your benevolent ancestors in Tut.

I want to see my brothas getting together and rebuilding our communities to make it easier for Black families to thrive and evolve.

I was sitting here thinking about how hard it is for my husband to find solid, committed working men to grow his business and train other Brothas to do what he does as a means to be economically stable. Instead, he gets questioned, resistance, jealousy, and on and on.

When will be our time to make it easier for each other to truly evolve and rebuild?

Good evening Blkem family. How goes it? LOl. For me, today feels like Friday. It has been an awesome week for productivity, intentional patience, kindness and love. I feel good.

So I'm learning Tutnese. This is the language of our ancestors descended from Africa who suffered through American slavery. It was created to covertly teach each other how to read.

Hi there!! So excited to be back on this platform. What's new? Hope we are all in great health and spirit.

I'm for it.

Folks, I think we need a Black calendar for this app. What ya think? Maybe some days we can do or share something specific u kno??

It hurts more than anything to see one of my own people knowingly selling the eff out. It really does hurt. ?

You're not suppose to betray your race!?

When Black people knowingly advocate for white supremacy, the ramifications are much greater than just knowing it exist because these people are already integrated into a disadvantaged community.?
It's much more difficult to identify a chameleon in its own environment, an environment where they're most comfortable in. An environment where they can be a double agent..being on code, fooling the masses.?

We cannot continue to accept the things we once couldn't change.


What do you think is unique about Black motherhood and the rearing of our children?

What does any one think must be taught before our sons and daughters reach 5?

What do you think we must know and understand before we procreate?

"The first one to the mind is the winner" - Dr. Kambou Kambon