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has anyone hear or used that too good to go app yet ?

my moms and munchkin #2 done got my ass today. how they invite me out but i ended up paying

whats an underrated Disney sound track that should have more respect on its name.

ill go first,
the huntchback of notre damn

happy birthday to blkems reigning mayor, the first lady of blurts and the sorceress supreme of engagement
@askalicia hope your enjoying ya day love

in the gym and i think my deordernt is starting to fail. it time to get tf up out of here

#cumulusthoughts pop is a very wierd genre. like how can mary j blidge im not gone cry, Whitney's always love you and its britany bitch toxic be in the same corner of music

Fal-de-ral and fiddle-dee-deeFiddly-faddly-foddleAll the wishes in the worldAre poppycock and twaddle

man when it rains it pours. but im choosing to find the silver lining through this storm.

it could always be worse

light the corners of my mind
misty water colored memories
of the way we were

@slick426 tried just posting the video but its too large. youll have to see it on that other app.

my god have yall seen the video of this nigga cosplaying spiderman leaping over the bench to attach that judge.

how are my feet cold and sweating, im not sick!..... where my socks

i sware my phonr just be adding or replacing letters how and when ever it feels like it

bro in the gym in jeans timbs and on the treadmill running a good 5 to 6.

this 🥷🏾 got to be from nyc.

am i reading this wrong?

"225% of the Poverty Guideline amount for a family size of one (in the 48 contiguous states) is $32,800"

then what the poverty ceiling. cuz you can't survive of 32k/yr.

ave apt is trending 1700-2k/mo, that 20400-24000/yr

i aint been able to get to the gym the way i need to since thsnks giving cause of my car (long story). so any time i see my little rug rats ive been using them as equipment.

the best part is they just think it's fun and be giggling.