2D Paper Animation Tutorial

A brief overview of how I use paper to animate traditionally. #2DAnimation #Handdrawn

I'm filming a #documentary on the history of #Martialarts and #boxing in #Arkansas I knew #JermainTaylor was from Arkansas I didn't initially know that #SonnyListon was also an Arkansan.

Please take a moment to support #amateurboxing in #Arkansas . The photo shows how to use #amazon to make a donation to a charity whenever you make a purchase.

I can solve the #rubikscube any day any time. Took me about 2 weeks, a few tutorials, and a lot of hours spinning the cubes to get it. 3x3 is harder than 2x2 of course.

If there are any Black #Artists #writers #Creators etc. Jump on Skype if you're free. We have a Black Creators discussion biweekly at 11am central on Wednesdays https://join.skype.com/siv...

Only #blackowned hair care products for my daughter. I'm not putting #blackdollars into #Asian hands that way. Asians corner the market on #blackhair yet they don't have Black hair. It would be like me cornering the market on Sun tan lotion, which I never use. #CaraB

I had some work to do in my classroom and I brought my #daughter She seemed to enjoy the pendulum and the eye wash station, she just used it to wash her hands. #Chemistry

#Arkansas isn't taking the repeal of #roevwade lying down. Sadly it seems tough times are coming. Arkansas is one of the states with #triggerlaws

My #daughter is learning to love #Blackdolls Teach them they're beautiful when they're young.

Baking French #Macarons for my daughter's play date tomorrow. Once the cookies cool I'll add the buttercream icing.

I haven't sent a cent to #Ukraine , nor will I. I wish them well, but my attention and support goes to the #africandiaspora Particularly #sudan , #southsudan and #AfricanAmericans Ukraine never cared about us. So it would be foolish to put them over my people.

#roevwade was overturned by a group of mostly White men. This will mostly affect Black women and women of color. I try to stay off the news because I don't need to know every bs thing going on but this one hurts.

Be wary #blkem fam. There are bots on here already. They're up to no good.